Parent Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As partners in your child’s education, your input is valued.  Please take a few minutes to respond to this brief (12 questions) parent survey.  This information will be used to help evaluate and strengthen parental involvement within our school.  All surveys may be returned to your child’s teacher.  He/she will make sure they are given to the Parent Involvement Coordinator for our school.   This survey is also available on the school website. We appreciate your time in helping us improve our service to you.

* 1. How welcome does the school staff at your child’s school make you feel?

* 2. Please check any of the following that would help you participate more often in school functions, activities, and planning events.

* 3. How would you like to see the parental involvement funds used at your child’s school? (Check all that apply)

* 4. Overall, how much do you feel your child’s school values parent input?

* 5. How well does your child’s school provide information that is easy to understand?

* 6. How often does your child’s school provide you with information about ways to be involved in the education of your child?

* 7. How often have you had the opportunity to visit with your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress throughout the school year?

* 8. What are the best ways for you to provide input regarding your child’s school (Please check all that apply)

* 9. In your opinion, how effective are the following when it comes to the school communicating with you or your family?

  Not effective Effective Very effective
Parent Meetings
Parent/teacher conferences
School Website
Teacher online classroom
Automated calls from the school
Text messages
Facebook/ social media
Flyers sent home with your child

* 10. Each year, the school tries to make sure all parents receive important information at the beginning of each school year.  Please indicate how you feel receiving this information would be most beneficial to your family.

  Paper copy sent home Website Both
Student Code of Conduct
District Parent Involvement Policy
School Parent Involvement Policy
School/Parent Compact
School Improvement Plan
District Improvement Plan

* 11. Parent nights and events are offered at the school based on the needs and interests of our parents.  Please review the following list of potential event topics and rank them from 1-12 in the order that interests you the most. (1 being most interested, 12 being least interested)

* 12. What is the primary language spoke in your home?