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Welcome to sixth grade geography! I love working with kids learning about the world and believe that geography and learning to understand the world and the people and cultures in it is a valuable skill in the modern world. I also think READING and ANALYTICAL THINKING are the skills needed to be successful in that endeavor. So while we look at the world, we'll spend lots of time working on reading skills, logic, analysis, and independent thinking.

I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Berry College as well as a Masters and Specialists degree in education from Berry College with focuses in Social Studies and Reading.



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1st and 2nd Periods:

5th, 6th, 7th Periods:


Materials Needed for 2017-2018:

A composition book! - please, the kind without the spiral. We'll use it ALL year. Kids will need the beginning information still in May when we work towards final exams, and spiral bound notebooks will not hold up that long. It will make their lives much easier come spring when they still have all their materials!


Colored pencils or crayons



The following are the focus of our work:

1. Identifying places and people and similarities and differences across place in the world

2. Examining the history and culture unique to each place

3. READING factual text and maps (this is a big one! - we'll spend a lot of time focused on improving reading and study skills to make sure all kids are able to read and understand grade appropriate texts)

4. ANALYZING DATA to make sense of the world around us 




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