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Chapter 10

Health Study Notes:Six nutrients body needs carbs,protein, fats,vitamins, minerals, and water

carbs-sugar and starches found in food, 3 types simple-sugar and complex- starches,fiber,  45 to 65 percent of calories from 

carbs, glucose-simple sugar main source of fuel for body

protein- build and maintain body tissue, body makes all but 9 of the amino acids needed for body those that cannot be made 

must come from food, these 9 are called essential amino acids

fat soluble vitamins- a,d,e,k,  vitamins-compounds found in food that help regulate many body processes

water- girls 9 cups per day, boys 13 cups per day,  osteoporosis - lack of calcium, fragile bones that break easily

hunger- physical drive that protects you from starvation , appetite- physical desire for food, calories- amount of energy found in food,

breakfast- king/ queen, lunch-prince/princess, supper- pauper,  anything ending in ose on a ingredient list is a sugar ( fructose, lactose,etc)