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Click here for a "Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers" brochure!



Copyright Highlights

  1. Teacher/Classroom photocopying
    1. you may reproduce single copies of:
      1. a chapter of a book
      2. a periodical or newspaper article
      3. a short story or short poem
      4. a chart, graph, diagram, or non-copyrighted cartoon from a book, periodical or newspaper
    2. You may reproduce multiple copies of:
      1. a complete poem < 250 words and < 3 pages
      2. an excerpt, < 250 words from a long poem
      3. a complete article or story <2500 words or an excerpt <1000 works, not to exceed 10 % of the total
      4. one chart, graph, diagram, or non-copyrighted cartoon or picture per book or periodical issue
      5. special works, such as children’s picture books, limited to <10% or total, even less than 2500 words
      6. all must bear copyright notice
    3. Limits to multiple copies:
      1. copying for one course only
      2. only one work from a single author
      3. no more than three authors per collective work
      4. no more than 9 instances of multiple copying per class term
      5. copying must not create or replace an anthology or collective work
      6. copying of consumables such as workbooks is absolutely prohibited
      7. may not reproduce same item term to term
      8. no charge to students beyond the cost of photocopying
  2. Public performance
    1. performance allowed for only for face to face teaching activities
    2. performances for recreation or intellectual appeal are not allowed
  3. Audiovisual works
    1. no duplication of audio cassettes for archival, backup, or multiple use
    2. no reproduction of musical works as they exist
    3. no reproduction of “ditto masters” of available for sale
    4. no reproduction of any audio-visual work in its entirety except for off-air videotaping as described below
    5. no conversion of one media format to another
    6. no narrating entire stories onto audio tape
  4. Video
    1. broadcast programs may be recorded may be recorded and retained for 45 calendar days
    2. Pay services such as HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime may not be recorded
    3. Off-air recordings may be used only once and repeated once with each class during the first ten school days after recording
    4. Only for instructional use, not for entertainment
    5. Off-air recordings may be made only at the request of and use by individual teachers
    6. Program must be recorded in its entirety, including copyright notice
    7. Purchased videos:
      1. permissible only for face to face instruction
      2. must be directly related to the current curriculum
      3. may be purchased by the school, teacher, or donor
    8. Video rental is a gray area and should never be used
  5. Computer software
    1. only a single archival copy may be made
    2. transfer to hard disk constitutes the making of a copy
    3. networking constitutes an infringement unless a networking license is obtained for each piece of copyrighted software