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Non-traditional Careers

Non-Traditional Careers for Men and Women

Career Standards:

MSCD7-4: Students will recognize the impact of societal issues on their ability to function

effectively in a diverse and changing world.

d) Examine the positive benefits and outcomes of non-traditional careers.


MSCD7-3: Students will understand the importance of attaining educational achievement

and performance levels needed to reach personal and career goals.

c) Identify and examine existing pathways, course offerings and graduation requirements at local high school(s).


Business and Computer Science Standards:

MSBCS-BCSII-3: The student will examine educational requirements, job responsibilities,

employment trends, and opportunities in the different career pathways in Business and

Computer Science.

a) Investigate the 21st Century career opportunities.

b) Evaluate several occupational interests, based on various criteria (educational requirements, starting salaries, trends, opportunities, and career ladders).

e) Construct and/or update a Career Plan as a tool to explore self-knowledge and academic aptitude and understand that career paths should relate to your individual traits.


MSBCS-BCSII-7: The student will utilize presentation/multimedia software.

a) Identify uses of presentation/multimedia software in today’s workplace.

b) Identify and explain presentation/multimedia terminology.

c) Plan and design a multimedia presentation.

d) Create, save, print, and present a multimedia presentation on a business related career.


Essential Questions:

1. What are non-traditional Careers?

2. What are some positive benefits and outcomes of non-traditional careers?

3. Why is it important to identify the career pathway for a career?

4. How do you calculate a person’s monthly and hourly wage when given a yearly salary?

5. Why is career research important in middle school?

6. How do you plan, design and create a multimedia presentation?


Directions: Students will follow the guide and rubric to make a PowerPoint presentation about nontraditional careers for men and women.



Slide 1 (Title Slide)

  • Title: What are Non-Traditional Careers?
  • Subtitle: Your first and last name

Slide 2

Slide 3

  • Title: Non-Traditional Career Paths for Men
  • Using the same website as above list at least 10 examples of nontraditional careers for men

Slide 4

  • Title: Non-Traditional Career Paths for Women
  • Using the same website as above list at least 10 examples of nontraditional careers for men

Slide 5

Slide 6

  • Go to www.gcic.peachnet.edu and enter the Georgia Career Information System.
  • The user name is cedartownms
  • The password is gcis1813
  • Click on Occupations at the top of the screen. Click on Occupations again, and you will see an alphabetic list of occupations. Choose a non-traditional career for your gender.
  • Title: The Name of the Non-traditional Career”
  • Insert a picture or clip art picture of this career

Slide 7

  • Title: Overview of the Occupation
  • In the content area of the slide, you will give a description of the job. It has to be at least 5-7 sentences or 5-7 bullets.

Slide 8

  • Title: Task List
  • You will click on “Task List” on the left side of the screen. For this slide, indicate at least 5 things a person does in this line of work.

Slide 9

  • Title: Common Work Activities
  • Click on “Common Work Activities”. You will list at least 10 work activities for this occupation.

Slide 10

  • Title: Working Conditions
  • Click on “Working Conditions”. You will describe the work setting for this career.

Slide 11

  • Title: Physical Demands
  • Click on “Physical Demands”. For this slide, you will list 5 physical demands of the career.

Slide 12

  • Title: Skills and Abilities
  • Click on “Skills and Abilities”. For this slide, you will list the at least 5 skills and abilities a person needs for this career.

Slide 13

  • Title: Helpful High School Courses
  • Click on “Helpful High School Courses”. For this slide you will list at least 5 classes to take in high school to prepare you for this career.

Slide 14

  • Title: Preparation
  • Click on “Preparation”. For this slide, you need to list at least 5 requirements needed for this career. Make sure you include diploma types, state licensing exam, apprenticeships etc…

Slide 15

  • Title: Wages
  • Click on “Wages”. For this slide, you will put the following information in a table: the starting, median and top Georgia wages for the career. Also, choose 2 cities where you might like to work in this career and list the starting, median, and top wages for those 2 cities.

Slide 16

  • Title: Occupational Cluster
  • Click on “Occupational Cluster”. For this slide, you will write the following sentence, “The career of a/an_____________ (type the career in the blank space) falls under the Georgia Program Concentration of _____________________ (type the program concentration in the blank space. There are 11 Georgia Program Concentrations in Georgia. You will list only one in the blank space.

Slide 17

  • Title: _____________________ You will type the program concentration for your title.
  • Click on “Occupational Cluster” and click on the occupational cluster link. For this slide you will read about the cluster and write a brief description.

Slide 18

  • Title: Pathways
  • Click on “Pathways”. For this slide you will list and briefly describe the pathways for the career cluster. Also provide examples of careers for each pathway.

Slide 19

  • Title: ___________ (You will type the pathway that your career falls under)
  • Give a brief description of the pathway and also list other careers that fall under this pathway.

Slide 20

  • Title: Conclusion
  • You will type and complete the following sentences:

The non-traditional career of a ____________ falls under the Georgia Program Concentration of ________________________ and into the _______________________________ pathway in Georgia. The average salary of a _____________ is around ____________ thousand dollars per year. This would make it be _________________ per month (divide by 12); ________________ per week (divide by 52). I predict that this career choice of _______________________ would or would not (pick one) provide me with enough money to live the way I would plan at this time.


_______ 80 points (20 slides: 4 points each for creating each slide and entering the appropriate content)

_______ 5 points (clip art, pictures, shapes or other décor per slide)

_______ 5 points (transition per slide)

_______ 5 points (animation)

_______ 5 points (background per slide)

Total Points: 100