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Student Technology Toolbox

Free Tech Tip of the Week: www.typingweb.com – Learn to type for free!  This site includes entertaining typing games, typing tests and a free official typing certification.   Thanks Lee Augmon for sharing!  Other great web sites to try arewww.powertyping.com  and www.goodtyping.com.

APPEtizer of the Week: Pic Collage Have your students create collage-style posters for their reports and presentations.

Movie Making Tools:
PhotoStory3- Turn your pictures into a movie, add narration, create music and more!  This software is loaded on the school computers, but there is a free version available for download on your home computers.  See this tutorial video and step-by-step directions for how to use this free software. 
photopeach.com/ Fresh slideshows to go! Quickly and easily upload photos and make a slideshow. See a quick tutorial here (video is blocked at school for students).
WeVideo:   an online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud. Connect your web editing and mobile device camera to tell stories.  See our Tutorials Page for a tutorial video and handout.
EmpressrCombine your photos, pictures, music and audio easily
Little Bird Tales: Combine your pictures, artwork, and voice together to make a video.  Very easy to use. 
Storybird: short art-inspired stories you make to share, read or print
Animoto: Create easy videos and presentations using photos, images, videos, and music
Qwiki: Combine pictures, videos, infographics, tweets, and more into a presentation Video Resources 
Movie Maker: This software is loaded on the school computers (but a free download is available from a personal computer at home).  With moviemaker you can create custom videos, import and edit slideshows and videos, and add soundtracks to video content.  See our Tutorials page for step-by-step instructions and a tutorial video.


Digital Storytelling: Cartoon/Comic Tools:
ComicMasterCreate your own graphic novel
ZimmerTwinsCreate your own animated stories

Wideo:  Easy online animation platform.  Anyone can create animated videos with this tool!
GoAnimate: Create a cartoon easily with the basic account.  Check out our Go Animate video on our MC Info Page
Voki: Create a digital avatar to deliver your message in the classroom, on a blog, a website, or as part of a presentation
Tikatok: Create your own book and add your own words and illustrations
Zooburst: Create your own 3D, interactive, digital pop-up books
ToonDoo: Create custom cartoons and comic strips

MakeBelief: Create your own comic strip.
My Storymaker: As you control a character’s actions, emotions, and interactions, the program writes the story. 
PowToon: Create Professional Looking Animated Presentations

PowerPoint Tools:
Instead of creating that same old PowerPoint try these fun, free sites that do similar things
SlideRocket: Import your Power Point or Google presentations to store in the cloud or build presentations that include audio, video, and visual components.  
Jeopardy Labs:  Online Jeopardy template to create study games.  Fast and easy!
Yodio: Create, produce, and share presentations with a voice narration (using your cell phone!), visual components, and production options
 Prezi: A fun alternative to Powerpoint that allows you to organize your information visually. See our tutorial page to learn how to use this tool.
Projeqt Dynamic presentations for a real time world. Create linear and stacked slide presentations and embed images, text, documents, or add data from your favorite social media tools. 
SnackTools:  create slideshows, custom audio and video players, polls, flipping books & more
SlideShare: Upload and share presentations, documents, and videos to share online.  Try uploading a PowerPoint Presentation into slideshare to give it a new look (and maybe to embed into a web site!)
Weebly: Create your own web site by just dragging and dropping-No html knowledge needed! This site is made with Weeby   
Spicy NodesSpicy Nodes is a concept map presentation tool that allows the users to link and embed pictures, websites, and more into the overall presentation    

Posterboard Tools (save paper and use these tools instead!):
ThingLink-  Create rich images with music, video, sound, text and more! See example
 Biteslide.com  Reimagine school projects by using biteslide to create slidebooks using images, videos, text and more. See this video for an overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBw566eSRNE
Padlet.com  Padlet is a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.  It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page from any device.  This would be a great tool to use to create a virtual posterboard.  
Piktochart: Create easy, fun infographics to convey information visually
Infogr.am: Create Interactive Infographics
Easel.ly Easel.ly allows users to quickly create infographics and share visual ideas online. Easel.ly has an expansive library of elements and visual objects that can be added to personalize infographics of all kinds
Popplet:  Create digital idea webs or posterboards by collecting materials related to a subject

Printing Press: create a brochure, booklet, flyer or newspaper
SnapGuide: Create How-To Guides easily
Tildee: Create free online tutorials with step-by-step instructions
Dipity.comDipity is a free digital timeline web site.  Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.  
Timeline: Create digital timelines that can include content from a variety of online resources 
TimeToast.com: create an interactive timeline by adding videos, images, weblinks on various subject. 

Dipity:  lets students and teachers create free interactive timelines and link video, images, audio, social media, and more.
myHistroMy histro provides a venue for stories displayed on maps. Watch and read thousands of fascinating timelines, or create your own complete with text, video, and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup
Batchgeo: create an historical research trip and map

Historypin Imagine creating one large photo album for the entire human population. Historypin brings together stories, photographs and links memories from around the world. Pin pictures on a worldwide map, create collections, discuss history and more. 
SmoreFlyers and newsletters become a snap with Smore! Design and create professional online flyers by choosing from an array of templates, styles, and colors to compliment your individual style and audience. With Smore you can embed links, audio, video, pictures, and text into your flyers and newsletters and then publish instantly to get your message and information out quickly. Free 30 day trial (requires Google Chrome). 

Just for Fun: Random Tools:
FloorPlanner: Create interactive floor plans online
CalculatorPro: calculate the answer to almost any question or problem (calculators include financial, health, conversion, scientific, fun, math and more!)
Voicethread: Online meeting and collaboration tool that allows a group to meet, share, or edit together using written, typed, or voice notes for each other


Fun with Pictures and Images:
PicMonkey: Edit photos and create custom collages (This is a great tool to use for your READ pictures)
tineye.com  TinEye does for images what Google does for text.   With TinEye you can find out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version available. 
 printfriendly.com/  Web pages usually look terrible when printed, and many times a lot of ink and paper is wasted in the process. With this free site you can make any web site print-friendly by just copying and pasting a URL. 
FotoFlexer: Transform your images with scrapbook-like effects and embellishments
FlamingText: Free Animated Personal Logo Designs. You can embed it, download it and even upload it to Facebook
Gif-mania: Create animated signatures for free
Tagul: Create word clouds of tags or links to present ideas visually
Wordle: Create word clouds with a variety of color and formatting options to print, save, or share
WorditOut: transform your text into word clouds
Tagxedo: Word clouds created in a customizable shape (faces, countries, letters) that can be printed 
QR Code to Anything!:  Attach a QR code to anything (including text, facebook, youtube, etc).  Easy and fast!
QRphoria: Create "pretty" QR codes.  So cute and colorful!  If you have a long web site, then try 
Google's url shortener to create prettier QR codes. 
Voice to QR codes: A picture is worth 100 characters! Make your QR code talk!
Photo Story 3: Downloadable software to create photo slideshows, edit photos, and add special effects. See ourTutorials page for a video and step-by-step instructions
Piktochart: Create easy, fun infographics to convey information visually 
Hohli: Free chart maker.  Easy to use!  Just pick your chart, add some data, customize the size and colors and you're done!
Many Eyes: Fill in your data into pre-made visualizations.  
Britannica Image Quest:  Access to more than 2 million rights cleared images and easily copy and paste the MLA Works Cited entry for each image into your Easybib account.  You will need a password to access this site from home. Get this from the media center.
 Mixbook:Create custom photo books, scrapbooks, or cards
Aurasma-  Similar to QR codes except now anything (picture, etc.) can be linked to a video(this tool is for the advanced)
PicLitsIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then let this site provide the picture to inspire your words. This would be fun to use to help you with poetry. 
AirPano:  see high resolution 3D aerial panoramas of interesting places on our planet.  
SmoreFlyers and newsletters become a snap with Smore! Design and create professional online flyers by choosing from an array of templates, styles, and colors to compliment your individual style and audience. With Smore you can embed links, audio, video, pictures, and text into your flyers and newsletters and then publish instantly to get your message and information out quickly. Free 30 day trial (requires Google Chrome). 
MarqueedMarqueed is an easy-to-use, collaborative, web-based platform for annotating images. Simply drag-and-drop images from the Web or add from your computer. PDF files can also be added. Type or draw annotations. Collections of annotated images can be created and shared publicly or kept privately

Royalty-Free Photos, Clipart and Images: 
Don't break copyright laws!  Instead of using "Google Images" use these copyright-cleared image sites
Pics4learning: Free educational images with no copyright restriction
School Clipart: Free educational clipart for students and teachers
PicSearch: image search engine with more than 3,000,000,000 pictures
Wikimedia Commons: Access to free images and media
Flickr: Photosharing community containing creative commons licensing with FREE pictures (blocked for students at school)
FlickrStorm: An easier way to search the flickr web site
Phillip Martin Clip Art- Free clip art, newsletters, or any other publication. 
Free Icons: Download over 31,504 free icons or browse free icon set
Stock.xchn:  Sign up for a username and password to use many high quality photos for free. 
Ookaboo: Free stock photos available without copyright watermarks
Veezzle: Free stock photo search engine
Pixabay.com: Browse through thousands of public domain images
Unrestricted Stock: Find graphic images, icons, photos and even hand drawn images for free (use this on your personal- not school- computer since it has downloads)
Britannica Image Quest: Access to more than 2 million rights cleared images and easily copy and paste the MLA Works Cited entry for each image into your Easybib account.  You will need a password to access this site from home. Get this from the media center.
Copy Right Friendly: Links to even more copyright friendly sites
Creative Commons Links: GREAT resource for learning about creative commons


Audio, Editing and Production:
Audacity: Free audio editing and recording Websites and Online Classrooms 
Jing: Create videos of what you see on your computer screen to share with others
Screencast-o-matic: Create videos of what's happening on your computer screen to share with other
Aviary- upload and edit your audio, video and images
TubeChop.com- Easily edit YouTube videos to show the best parts. 
FreePlayMusic- Get around pesky copyright laws by getting free high-quality, royalty-free music. Choose from Country, Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, search by mood and much more!
AirCraftMusiclibrary- Another free music site
Incompetech: More royalty free music

Mobygratis: Free music for projects

Polls and Converting Tools:
Survey Monkey: Create and distribute your own survey, then analyze the results
Wufoo.com:  Wufoo's Form Builder provides the tools for anyone to easily drag and drop an amazing form in just a few short minutes.  no software downloads required and easy to use.   
Polldaddy: Create surveys, polls, and quizzes, then generate reports on the results
Polleverywhere: Create quick polls that collect responses via text, web, or Twitter
SocrativeSocrative transforms multiple student devices into student response systems for free! Results can be viewed online in a Google spreadsheet or received via email as an Excel file.  It will even grade your multiple choice.
Zamzar: Free online file conversion service. No longer converts YouTube videos.
Tinyurl: Create short, customizable, easy to remember web addresses in place of long, unwieldly addresses to easily direct students to a site
SlideShare: Convert PowerPoint or other documents to Flash
Google url shortenereasily shorten your long links
bit.ly- This tool helps you share, shorten, track and analyze your links
*Quick trick: From your PERSONAL computer (do NOT do this on a school computer), you can type in "pwn" before any YouTube video to download the video file (Please review copyright laws when using these videos)

Literacy and Research Tools:
EasyBib:  Automatic Works Cited generator. Creates in APA format, MLA format, etc. See the Research page of our web site for video tutorials on how to use this tool.  There is also a neat note-taking feature! Rewordify.com  (Tech Tool from 4/24/14) Rewordify.com helps you read more, understand difficult English faster, and learn words in new ways. 
Digital Public Library of America The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an online collection of millions of photographs, maps, sounds, manuscripts, books, and more accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. 

BiblioNasium  Biblionasium is a book social network students for grades 4 – 12.  Students can set up virtual bookshelves and keep track of what they’ve read, what they like, and what they plan to read. 
PaperRater.com:  Submit your paper for grading online and then fix your errors!
SweetSearch Break your Google habits and use this search engine which will only give you credible web sites that have been evaluated by research experts.  Here is a short tutorial video that explains how this web site works and demonstrates some of its neat features (such as uploading results into a google doc and sharing results with others).
Spreeder.com Improve your reading speed and comprehension through this free site.
Goodreads: keep track of your favorite books and find new ones through this site.  
BiblioNasiumSimilar to Good Reads, this site allows you to set up a virtual bookshelves and keep track of what you’ve read, what you like, and what you plan to read. 
Teloscopic Text:  This site gives an example of what we mean by "Go Green" with your writing. See how a simple sentence expands into a paragraph full of rich details.  Just click on each word to see it expand.  
Random Writing Prompt Generator: Practice your creative writing with these random writing prompts.  
Story Starter: Continue to practice your creative writing through these random story starters
Future Me: E-mail a Letter to Yourself in the Future.  How cool!
InklewriterWrite interactive branched stories.  Inklewriter handles the story paths that end and those yet to be developed. Students who love the "choose your own ending" stories will enjoy writing, editing and reading on this dynamic site. 
Inanimate Alice: A Digital Novel. See the story of Alice through text, sound, games and music
PRHS Good Reads Page: visit this part of our web site for links to free ebooks, audiobooks, helpful book suggestions and more 

Manage and Organize:
SignupGenius.com  organize volunteers online for free and set up automatic reminders. This would be great for clubs, food days, conferences and more!
fur.ly/:   Shorten multiple urls into one to make things easier for your students.  This would be great for webquests/pathfinders and more.  See this two minute clip for more information on how to use it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgslzP9LLjo
Toodledo.com organize your tasks, improve your productivity, collaborate, customize and more 

 Symbaloo  With Symbaloo you can customize your own online start page, organize and access your favorites quickly and easily, and create your own personal internet desktop. 
Doodle.com Simplify scheduling and find a date for a meeting/event twice as fast.
Soshiku: free personal planner that lets students organize their assignments by course, add assignments and receive text message or e-mail reminders before each assignment is due. 
Listly.com: Create lists of the things you love and share them with people.  
SpiderScribe.net: GREAT mind-mapping tool that allows users to easily visualize their ideas by connecting pieces of information together and create free style maps.  It can combine elements like text, images, files, calendar events and geographic locations.
Jogtheweb Create a synchronous guide to a series of Websites. Its step-by-step approach of taking viewers through Websites allowing the author to annotate and ask guiding questions for each page is unique
Edcanvas organize, present and share information. Gather, annotate and share presentations easily by dragging and dropping images, movies, maps, audio and text and embedding hyperlinks onto a blank canvas. Use multiple frames on each canvas to pre-teach a topic, provide 1:1 and differentiated instruction, and share pathfinders and explore connections. Use your own content or searching on the Internet, without leaving the Edcanvas page to create collaborative projects
TrackClass: online student organizer that allows students to schedule their courses, track assignment dates, and save files. 
Evernote: Create notes and idea lists that are accessible anywhere through the cloud 
Clipix:  Organize your life, your research and more!  Similar to pinterest, this site allows you to keep track of everything you see online and want to come back to later (blocked for students)
LiveBinders:  Collect your resources, organize them neatly and make an impression. 
Dropbox.com:  Store all of your documents in a cloud.  Download this from your home computer (blocked for students).  See our Tutorials page for directions. Blocked for students at school, so use this one from home.  
Lino: create and organize your sticky notes digitally on a computer or smart phone, or post and share thoughts and pictures
Mindmeister: The leading online mind mapping software
Padlet Using the idea of a blank piece of paper, you can put whatever you want on your virtual wall by dragging and dropping documents and images from your desktop, copying and pasting links to websites or videos or just typing notes on your page. When you finish posting things to your wall you will be able to collaborate with others using a unique URL as well as through a variety of social networks.
Diigo: Highlight and add sticky notes to webpages.
bit.ly: share, shorten and track your links
Pastelink: Easy way to share files (up to 2 GB!) online for free (uses Safari, Firefox or Chrome)
Remember the Milk This site is a powerful, user-friendly tool for creating to-do lists and task management. The full-featured mobile version allows you to manage your lists and tasks any time. Reminder methods let you receive notices of upcoming tasks via email, SMS, and instant messenger.
SymbalooCustomize your own online start page, organize and access your favorites easily and quickly, and create your own personal internet desktop with Symbaloo.


Study and Test-Prep Tools  Also, see our Homework Help and Test Prep pages
Quizlet:  allows students to create customized learning tools, games, & flashcards. 
Free SAT, ACT and AP Practice Tests: Use Varsity Tutors to test your knowledge and improve your scores. 
ExamTime: Interactive Study Tools including mindmaps, quizzes, goal setting, flashcards and more 
Academic Skill Builders: Skill building games
Jeopardy Labs:  Online Jeopardy template to create study games
USA Test Prep: Online resources that allow students to join a class, study for a specific test, and view their results.  Get passwords from Media Center.
Mnemonicizer: Mnemonic device generator Writing, Citing, and Organization
Duolingo:  Learn a language for free online while also translating the web for others. 
*See our Flashcard category toward the bottom of this page for a more extensive list of sites like Quizlet
PowerMyLearning.com- your destination for the best in fun, free online educational activities in many subjects
GCFLearnFree.org take classes for free on subjects such as computers, reading and math. 
Quipper: Free bite-size lessons on various subjects followed by multiple-choice questions and explanations.  You can customize your learning experience to focus on the areas you need.  Use your device with this tool to advance your learning. You can even create your own quizzes. 

Flashcard Tools
Quizlet.com- this is the largest flash card and study games web site. It contains many different modes, games and study tools
StudyBlueUse Study Blue to study millions of flash cards and online quizzes or if you cant find what you are looking for, create your own. 
Studystack.com- Play games with your cards, do crossword puzzles, print, take a quiz, and download the data 
Wordlearner.com- Contains games and printables. This web site is similar to quizlet.com and study stack. 
Funnelbrain.com-  form study teams, play games, take quizzes, and even create your own quizzes.
Ediscio.com-  use extensive text formatting, tables, pictures, MP3s, and YouTube videos with your flashcards. 
Vocabahead.com- A neat tool that uses vocabulary videos to help you learn words. 
Memorize.com- Easy to use. Click on “table wizard” to start creating a set. 
Flashcardmachine.com- create and then export your flash cards to your ipod or iphone. 
proprofs.com/flashcards- this site allows your students to edit the text and color on each flashcard.
flashcarddb.com- This site has previously created flash cards as well as the option to new flash cards. 
Muchobeets.com- Easy to use flashcard creating tool that allows you to use pictures. 
Flashcardflash.com-This site lists even more flash card sites and gives the statistics for the ones that are the best

Students can also find many flashcard apps on their smartphones including iflipr.com, swipestudy, studydroid, kaka flashcards, and more. Students can search for “flashcards” in their phone’s supported applications and find many for free.