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Kick Off 8


Go to the following link and read the article: http://nurseslabs.com/proper-body-mechanics-for-nurses/

What does using proper body mechanics mean? What is ergonomics?


Watch the following video on using proper body mechanics in various ways. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq97LFOSbVI


Read the article and answer the following questions: https://blog.intelex.com/2015/07/29/osha-healthcare/

Who has some of the highest work related injury and illness rates in the country? 

In 2013 alone, nearly _______________ hospital workers reported a work related injury or illness, amounting to an incident rate almost ________________ as high as the rate for private industry overall.

In the infographic below the article, what does it say is the amount of money spent on back injuries related to working in the healthcare field? 

What does the abbreviation MSD's stand for?  


From the project, explain how your improvement made your object more ergonomic. 



Read this article about using proper body mechanics in healthcare and answer the following questions on the back of your kick off paper and TURN IN:

How many vertebrae are there? 

When lifting objects, you should bend from your ____________ & ______________ and not at your ______________. 

What level should your computer screen be at when sitting at a desk?

How should you help position a patient when he is laying on his side? 

According to the article, how long and how often shoud you exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle? 

You should _______, __________ or ___________ rather than lift whenever possible. 

Besides exercise, what are 2 other healthy lifestyle habits mentioned in the article?