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This page is set up for students who are absent. This is a running list of all kickoff questions throughout the year.  Try your best to answer each kickoff.  Some are pre-test questions and you may not know they answer yet.  Kickoff's are graded on effort not accuracy and are due each Friday. Check your answers in class from a peer or with Ms. Bailey upon your return.


Week 2 - 

8/6 - Turn in signed syllabus.  Join Google Classroom using the class code posted on the board and log in instructions posted in Remind101. Join your Public Safety Remind101 class using the code posted on the whiteboard.

8/7 - Last day to turn in syllabus.  What are the 3 subsystems of the criminal justice system?

8/8 - What are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution called?

8/9 - Which amendments are directly relevant to Public Safety & the Criminal Justice System?

8/10 - Who is the most powerful figure in the courtroom work group?

Week 3 - 

8/13 - Define Statutory Law and Civil Law

8/14 - Pop Quiz http://judiciallearningcenter.org/state-courts-vs-federal-courts/

8/15 - Define the 5 vocab words on your Specialty Courts/Juvenile Courts Flyer and log in your spirals

8/16 - How many US District Courts are in America? How many US Court of Appeals and how many US Supreme Courts are in America?

8/17 - Get with your partner and finish your precedent case research project and prepare to present your findings to the class.

Week 4 - 

8/20 & 8/21 - CHANGE your notes to reflect the correct statute for Minimum Age - 16-3-1 - A person shall not be considered or found guilty of a crime unless he has attained the age of 13 years at the time of the act, omission, or negligence constituting the crime.

8/22 - Define the words Norm, Non Enforcment & Undercriminalization on pages 28-30 in the Intro to Criminal Justice Text Book

8/23 - List the 7 elements of a crime

8/24 - Sgt. Jones Army National Guard guest speaker

Week 5 - 

8/27 - Go to my OLC and download the Criminal Behavior Cliff Notes and Criminal Law Vocabulary/Definitions

8/28 - Pick up a Criminal Justice in America Textbook on your way in. Read and answer Cases 1-5 on page 11.

Week 6 - 

9/3 - School Holiday

9/4 - Define Affirmative Defense and explain how or why someone would be "not guilty" if they could justify this type of defense.

9/5 - Finish charting Affirmative Defenses

9/6 - Interview Packet Questions

9/7 - Study for quiz

Week 7 - 

9/10 - Should the affirmative defenses we have discussed so far be allowed as criminal defense excuses? Why or Why not?

9/11 - Do you think the law should permit a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity?  Why or why not?

9/12 - What purpose would it serve to punish criminally insane persons?  Do you think they deserve punishment?

9/13 - Case Study Research

9/14 - Career Study

Week 8 -

9/17 - (RHS - define Sentencing & Punishment Vocab) (CHS - Finish Title 16 Crimes and Offenses)

9/18 - Preview Mock Trial

9/19 - Kahoot

9/20 - Study for Test

9/21 - Introduce Mock Trial Roles & Responsibilities

Week 9 - 

9/24 - RHS Study for RETEST - RHS & CHS - Walk through Mock Trial Project.


9/26 - Who is the defendant and what are both of his charges?

9/27 - Interview - 20 Questions game. Mock Trial Prep

9/28 - Teamwork game. Icebreakers. Mock Trial Prep

Week 10 -

10/1 - What is an opening statement?

10/2 - Prosecutors - Create one idea to use as a motive. Defense Attorneys - Create one idea to counter this showing lack of motive/lack of intent

10/3 - Read witness statements aloud. BOX evidence that supports YOUR case. UNDERLINE evidence that supports the OPPOSING council's case.

10/4 - What are your top 3 pieces of evidence you will use to show how you will prove your case in your opening statement?

10/5 - Teacher Work Day

Week 11 - 

10/15 - Finish Opening Statements (Attorney 1's: be prepared to deliver opening statement to Ms. Bailey independantly by end of class)