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Supply List (same for all classes)

Supply List

Every day, you will need to come to class prepared. If you are unable to get these items, please let me know, and I will help you get them. There are consequences for not having proper materials to class. (Friends help friends when they are in need. Make a friend before the door shuts!)

These are a must

1. Pencil (donations are welcome)

2. Composition book Not the kind that paper pulls out easy, solid binding. Usually $1.00  ( I may call it your handy dandy notebook,  or yourLifesaver)

3. Folder (any kind, show your personality, plain, sparkles, frogs, it does not matter, but keep up with it!)

Optional (these are items that you will need throughout the year, I have some, you will have to share, and they are not the best but it is better than nothing. If you are picky, and have to have your own, you may want to pick some up, while they are cheap.)

1. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers (whatever makes you happy)

2. Scissors (Not the scissors of death, please, and I only have right handed scissors, sorry:(

3. Glue sticks and or tape ( again, whatever makes you happy. Oh, if you are messy, do tape)

4. Pencil bag-- if you get the extra stuff, you have to have a way to be organized!

(Please note if bought without any bells and whistles, and you bought enough pencils to last you could buy all of this for less than $10.00, and the optional items can be used in your other classes.) 

I will keep your pencils if you are one to loose them. I will have a place just for you. My goal is to help you to stay organized. Not to punish you. I want you to be successful. Or as the Army says, "Be the best you can be".


Kleenex, pencils, Klorox wipes (generic are great), oh and pencils would be wonderful. If you dontate and you forget your handy dandy pencil the first few times, all if forgiven until it becomes a habit.  These items are not just welcomed at the beginning of the year, but throughout the year.  (Dollar General and Dollar Tree are my BFF, and if you go, pick up an pack of tissue, bring it in, and it will save you a phone call home if you forget something two days in a row!) Whew! Glad you got mama to grab that pack of pencils, huh? I keep track of this stuff. I have all kinds of records, and no I don't have a life outside of class! JKJk