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Course Syllabus



Cedartown Middle School Campus

Instructor: Wes Astin

Program: Middle School Robotics

Room: 220

School Telephone Number (770) 749-8850

Voice Mail 1220/ email wastin@polk.k12.ga.us


6-7th Grade

Course Description:            

This is an introductory course in robotics. We will be utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits, coding software and various Lego Robotics materials. The mission of this course is to introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress. Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, propulsion systems and binary number systems. Student will also be exposed to multiple lessons and applications related to real world problem solving and employability skills.

Learning Objectives:           

How to work and collaborate in groups and teams

How to design robots for specific activities and scenarios

How to use programming software

Utilize Data Collection and Computation

Design Build and Test robots

Problem Solving and Employability Skills

Materials/ Resources Utilized:                              

LEGO Educational Products, Measuring Equipment, Composition materials, paper, pencil

Grading Policy:

                                   Labs and Projects = 50%

                                    Assessments= 20%

                                    Final Exam = 10%

                                    Employability Skills: 20%

Class Policies/Rules:

All policies of the Polk School District Board of Education and student handbook will be enforced.

Students are expected to come to class, pay attention and stay on task during class. Student grades

Will be affected by participation. Attendance will be reflected in participation. Unexcused absences

will negatively affect the employability grading. Students should respect to classmates and.

 equipment at all times

Make-Up Work Policy:

                            For each grading period, makeup work must be completed no later than two weeks after

                           progress reports are issued. Students may not make up work outside of the grading period 

                           window once the time has passed.                       

Late Assignment Policy:     

Students are expected to participate in and complete all assignments on or before the required date issued by the instructor.  Due to the lab nature of the class missed assignments may not be made up. Assignments missed due to an excused absence will not be reflected in the students’ grade, however unexcused absences will be reflected in the final grade.

Homework Policy:

Students are required to complete homework and turn in the completed assignments when

                                    requested. Failure to turn in homework will result in a ten point deduction per day late in                                                                         the grade.

Retest Policy:

Any student can retest one test per quarter provided that the student attends tutoring as directed by the teacher or drop their lowest test grade at the end of the semester. This excludes, but not limited to benchmark assessments, final exams, standardized tests (such as EOC Milestones, SLOs, EOPA, AP Exams, etc.), major projects and/or research that required an exorbitant amount of time in and outside the classroom (i.e. research paper).

Final Exam Exemption Policy:

Exam exemption policies must be approved by the superintendent each school year. Any and all exemption polices do not apply to EOCTs, AP exams or other PSD mandated examinations.

For 2018-19, students must have an 80 average or above with no more than 3 absences and no more than 3 unexcused tardies.