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Course Description:

Using project based instruction students are introduced to the principles of business in the 21st century while refreshing their keyboarding skills. This course should also help students to use computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a connection of computer science and business careers.

In this course, middle school students build a knowledge base of computer applications, information systems, internet safety, 21st century skills, and business and computer science careers of the 21st century. Exposure to networking and programming will also be important threads in this course.

Competencies for the co-curricular student organization Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) are integral components of the performance standards. FBLA activities should be incorporated throughout instructional strategies developed for the course.



Century 21 Computer Applications, Online Resources, and Projects for the Entrepreneur.

  1. Students will reinforce keyboarding techniques.
  2. The students will demonstrate effective communication skills used to succeed in the business world.
  3. The students will demonstrate the ability to problem solve.
  4. The students will exhibit critical thinking.
  5. The students will examine basics of accounting.
  6. The students will examine basics of risk management.
  7. The students will examine basics of entrepreneurship.
  8. The students will examine basics of networking.
  9. The students will examine basics of business law.
  10. The students will examine basics of marketing.
  11. The student will demonstrate an understanding of economics.
  12. The student will demonstrate an understanding of personal finance.

Grading Policy:

Participation, Labs and Projects = 50%
Objective Assessments= 20%
Final Exam = 10%
Employability Skills=20%

Class Policies:

1. All policies of the Polk School District Board of Education and student handbook
will be enforced.
2. Come to class on time and begin warm up assignment.
3. Stay on task.
4. Visit only approved websites.
5. Do not change settings on the computer or download software.
6. Cell phones must be kept out of sight and not be used in class.
7. Take care of equipment and supplies in the classroom. This to include not writing
on furniture, textbooks, and computers.
8. Be respectful to peers, teachers, and staff.

Makeup Work Policy:

For each grading period, makeup work must be completed no later than two weeks
after progress reports are issued. Students may not make up work outside of the
grading period window once the time has passed. Re-Test Policy: Any student can
retest any test regardless of the grade on the test provided that the student attends
tutoring as directed by the teacher. The student must retest within two weeks of the
grade being returned. The higher of the two grades will be recorded. This excludes,
but not limited to benchmark assessments, final exams, standardized tests (such as
EOC Milestones, SLOs, EOPA, AP Exams, etc.), major projects and/or research that
required an exorbitant amount of time in and outside the classroom (i.e. research

Final Exam Exemptions:

For 2017-18, students must have an 80 average or above with no more than 3 absences. Any and all exemption polices do not apply to EOCTs, AP/MOWR exams or other PSD mandated examinations.

Retest Policy:

All departments in both middle and high schools have retesting opportunities for students.

• Students are allowed to retest one test per quarter, per subject.

• Retest can earn full credit.

• Retest Policy does not apply to Advanced Placement (AP) or Move On When Ready (MOWR) classes.

• This retest policy does not include final exams or benchmark assessments.

• Remediation is required from teacher or Directed Studies.

• If close to half or more of the class fails, the material is to be retaught and the test given again for full credit.

Late Assignment Policy:

Students are expected to turn in all completed assignments at the time scheduled by
the teacher. Any assignment turned in late will result in a ten point deduction per
day late in the grade.

Homework Policy:

Students are required to complete homework and turn in the completed assignments
when requested. Failure to turn in homework will result in a 10 point deduction per
day late in the grade.