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U.S. History Syllabus

Eddie Gambrell

Room 107

Course Title: United States History

Course Description:  This course is a course that will begin with the national period and the administration of George Washington, and continue through current times. The focus of this course “provides students with a framework for studying political, social, economic, and cultural issues, and for analyzing the impact these issues have had on American society”. This course goes beyond memorization of isolated facts to the development of higher level thinking skills, encouraging students to make historical assessments and evaluations.

Class Expectations:

  1. The classroom fosters an environment for learning that is safe, productive and academic. Rude or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, for it interrupts the learning process. Phone calls to parents for both good and poor behavior should be expected.
  2. You will be asked to do your very best each day---- that is all I can ask. If you are giving your very best effort, you are bound to succeed. If you need extra assistance with the material, please feel free to come see me either before school or after school. We can work together to get through this course!
  3. You are also expected to have an opinion, but please make it an informed one. You have the right to voice your opinion with the understanding that respect for others’ opinions and backgrounds is a must. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
  4. There are certain words that have no place in a classroom. Any terminology that is derogatory in nature falls under this category. A good rule to follow is that if you would not wish for me or anyone else in the class to direct the term towards you, do not direct it at anyone else. Use of these terms will result in repercussions.
  5. On a regular basis, you will be working on your writing and map skills, while improving your critical thinking skills. This class is about more than just the facts of U.S. History; rather, it is a class focused on furthering students’ skillsets through the topic of U.S. History.
  6. This class will be challenging, in some manner or another, for everyone. What one student finds challenging may not be challenging for all. However, simply showing up will not be enough to earn you a passing grade. Effort must be made, and you must take advantage of opportunities. My efforts and instruction will only be half of the equation—your efforts and achievement constitute the other half. 

Grading Distribution:

The grade distribution for the class will be as follows:

  • Tests and Projects                                                       60%
  • Classwork and Homework                                         20%
  • EOC                                                                            20%

*It should be noted that attendance and participation in class each day are vital and imperative if the student wishes to be successful in the class.


The Schools of Polk County requires that students cannot miss over 5 days without attempting to make up the days missed and work. Students will be able to take advantage of their weekly WEEKLY tutoring sessions to make up any work/tests. Students have 5 days to make up work after returning to school after an absence with no penalty. I am more than willing to work with the student depending on their circumstance, but please, come speak to me well before the 5 day deadline. Work that has not been made up after 10 days will receive a zero.

*It is the responsibility of the student to manage his or her make-up work.  (S)he must get the assignments, take the make-up tests, etc.  Do not expect your teacher to automatically inform you and schedule your make-up work. Copies of handouts will be available upon the student’s return. Students who are present are expected to have the handouts from that day; there will be very few extra copies.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Be on time. Check the board for the daily starter and any agenda for the day. The tardy policy is strictly enforced.
  2. Be prepared. You are expected to have all materials with you each day. Any homework that is to be turned in should be turned in at the beginning of class. If a student is on a school field trip or gone because of a school activity, (s)he should take the initiative to turn in all work before leaving school that day.
  3. Electronics are not allowed in the classroom unless given permission by the teacher for a specific activity. Once an activity is completed, students are responsible for putting electronics away. If a student is discovered using these devices, the teacher will provide a warning. After that, any electronics seen in the classroom will be taken until the end of the day. At the end of the day, the student may come to the room and sign out their electronic device. If this happens more than twice, a parent or guardian will need to come and sign it out. In the event of an emergency, parents/guardians may contact the school by calling the office at 770-748--0490.
  4. Cheating in any form will be met with a zero for the individual cheating and anyone else who allows cheating to occur from their work. Cheating helps NO ONE, so please do not be tempted to participate.
  5. The classroom policy on food and drink will follow the one printed in the Polk County Schools Handbook.
  6. Classroom time is valuable and being out of the classroom should be limited to only necessary instances. You have five minutes in between classes; use that time wisely to make any bathroom/water stops. Students will NOT be let out of the classroom the first and last ten minutes of each class. In between these time frames.
  7. Come to class each day willing to learn. Everyone has the capacity to broaden their knowledge on the subject of U.S. History, including myself. I am here to help you succeed, but it is your responsibility to help me facilitate your learning. Please do not hesitate to ask questions-- they are highly encouraged! J

County Re-testing Policy

Polk County Schools has implemented a new re-testing policy for the 2017-2018 school year.  The students will be able to re-take ONE test every 9 weeks.  Students will have the opportunity to remediate between tests.  This will be enforced.

New Dress Code

Shirts:  Shirts must be the appropriate size and adhere to the following: • Shirts will not be open down the side, under the arm. • Shirts may not reveal the bare chest or cleavage. • No pajama tops. • Shirts must be long enough so that no skin shows between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants, even when arms are raised above the head. • Tank tops with narrow straps, sheer tops, strapless halter tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed.  • Shirts/tops must fit so that there are no exposed undergarments 

Pants: Pants must be the appropriate size (waist and length) and adhere to the following: • Pants or shorts must be worn at the waist level. • Pants must have no rips, holes, tears, or frays that reveal skin above the fingertip. • Permanent patches are allowed in order to cover holes.  • No pajama bottoms. • Dresses may not have a physically revealing neckline. • Clothing must fit so that there are no exposed undergarments 

Accessories: • No hats, caps, or hoods may be worn at any time inside the building unless otherwise approved by the principal. Cases with extenuating circumstances are handled by the principal on an individual basis.  • No towels, shirts, bandanas, or other objects may hang from pants/shorts pockets. .  • No piercings that are considered to be a distraction to the learning environment. • Non-prescription eyewear may not be worn in the building or in the classroom. • Doo rags, rollers, net stockings or any similar article will not be allowed. • Clothing, markings and other items related to gang involvement are not allowed. • Make-up that exhibits an occult nature is not allowed. • Chains or any type of jewelry that could be deemed unsafe are not allowed.


  • 3-ring binder (at least 1 ½ in)
  • Notebook paper
  • Pens and pencils (at least one of each)
  • IPAD/Chargers
  • 2-pocket folder (with fasteners) for portfolio


This year, we will be using the following textbook to guide our journey through U.S. History:

McDougal, Littell: THE AMERICANS

Students will be issued a textbook which they may keep in the classroom every school day. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with the textbook throughout the year and return it at the end in the condition it left the classroom in.

Contact Information:    

E-mail: egambrell@polk.k12.ga.us

During planning period: 3rd period (10:03 am to 10:56 am)



**This syllabus is a tentative outline of this course and may be changed as deemed necessary by the instructor**

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Signing below indicates that both student and parent/guardian have read and understand the local and state guidelines for US History and the classroom expectations and procedures as outlined above. It is expected that all policies will be adhered to, and signing below denotes agreement by student and parent/guardian.

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