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XI.  Football


A.  Teams may play a regular season schedule consisting of 6 games( 60% of varsity  regular season games).

B. The number of players is unlimited for each school.

C. The first five (5) days of practice may be in helmets only, and should be used primarily for conditioning purposes.

D. The Association will use the junior/senior midget size football rather than the regular varsity size ball.

E. A playoff format which reflects the wishes of the majority of members, and does not violate governing regulations, may be implemented on an annual or two-year basis.

F. Football games played on weekdays will begin at a time agreed upon by both teams, and officials, but must conclude 4 hours after the end of the school day for the home team, as per state standards.

G. In the case a game has to be rescheduled, both schools involved and the Executive Secretary will decide when the game will be rescheduled.

H. The following procedure will be used in the event of a tie in regulation play:

  1. There will be a 3 minute intermission between the end of regulation play and the coin toss to start the overtime procedure.

  2. The captains will meet for the coin toss and the winner will choose to be on offense or defense first. The officials will designate the end of the field and all play will continue on that end until a winner is decided.

  3. The ball will be placed on the 10 yard line and the offense keeps the ball until:

    1. The ball is turned over on downs. The offense cannot gain a first down except by penalty.

    2. The defense gains possession of the ball (ball is dead immediately).

    3. The offense scores a touchdown or field goal.

    4. The offense misses a field goal.

    5. Extra points will be tried and count toward final score.

  4. After the first offensive team completes its possession, the opposing team gets the same opportunity from the 10 yard line.

  5. If the game remains tied after each team has had an offensive possession, there will be a 2 minute intermission and the team that lost the first toss will have the first option for the next overtime period.

  6. Options will alternate for each overtime period until a winner is declared.

  7. Each team is allowed one timeout per overtime period. No timeouts can be carried over from regulation or a previous overtime period.

  8. Beginning the 2014-15 season, a field goal will count as the “two point” conversion, whereas, a running/passing play will only constitute one extra point.

  9. Visiting team will wear white or light jerseys.