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FCAA By-Laws

` Updated April 2017


Floyd County Middle School Athletic Association




  1. Organization


The name of the organization shall be known as the Floyd County Middle School Athletic Association.


  1. Officers


There shall be an elected Executive Director and an appointed Executive Committee. The executive committee shall consist of four members. The Executive Director of the organization shall conduct all meetings and will be elected in the Spring prior to the year of serving. The Executive Director will chair all appeals to the Association, appoint committee members, and help coordinate athletic officials in all sports. Individual schools are responsible for arranging officials for all regular season home football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball games. The Executive Director will communicate meeting minutes with all schools through e-mail and/or handouts.


Executive Director – Becky McCoy


Executive Committee – Chris Eberhart, Steve Turrentine, Kent Mathis


  1. Membership


Members of the Association will be the middle schools: Armuchee, Coosa, Chattooga, Darlington, Pepperell, Model, Ashworth, Rockmart, and Cedartown. Member schools will pay a $80.00 membership fee by the end of the first calendar month in the school year.  Member schools are composed of five systems and all five systems’ calendars will be considered as schedules are carried throughout the seasons.  However, in the event of a scheduling conflict, the Floyd County calendar will take precedence.


Schools wishing to enter the FCAA shall submit their paperwork to the Executive Director. Paperwork should include, but is not limited to, enrollment numbers of the school, programs offered, reason(s) for wanting to enter our association, feeder schools and high school that the school feeds into, and any other information that the committee may request or deem necessary. The Executive Committee will review the information sent and make a decision. The decision will be to either dismiss the request or to present the proposition to the voting members of the association.  


  1. Voting


Each member school will have one vote on items for discussion. The Executive Director reserves the right to overrule any vote as deemed necessary.


  1. Meetings


There shall be scheduled meetings each school year (as needed) in addition to called meetings. Called meetings may be conducted for the purpose of amending the by-laws or acting on any official business. Called meetings may be conducted via e-mail voting when appropriate.


The first meeting may be held for the scheduling of all fall sports if those schedules have not been completed at the end of the previous year. The second meeting (if needed) will be held prior to the beginning of basketball season for the purpose of adopting basketball schedules and setting the format, dates, and sites for the post-season tournament. The third meeting (if needed) will be held prior to the beginning of spring sports season. The purpose of this meeting will be to schedule regular season meets/matches in track and tennis, and to set dates and sites for the championship meet/tournament. A fourth meeting, if necessary, may be held in May prior to the end of the school year.


  1. Sports Offered


The member schools shall field teams in football, soccer, volleyball and girls and boys basketball, unless otherwise provided. Member schools are encouraged to field teams in boys and girls cross-country, competition cheerleading, wrestling, boys and girls tennis, and boys and girls track.


Member school may choose, but are not required, to field teams and participate in other sports, such as competition cheerleading,softball, and baseball, but those sports are not specifically governed by the Association.


In order for a champion to be declared in any sport, at least six (6) of the eight member schools must field a team and participate in one contest against each other, or have a season-ending tournament, meet/game, or match.


VII. General Regulations


All members shall abide by the by-laws of the Floyd County Middle School Athletic Association, as well as the applicable regulations of the following:

  1. Georgia High School Association by-laws and constitution.

  2. Appropriate National High School Federation rules as specified in the sport-specific rule or case book

  3. State Standards                                      **The GHSA by-laws and constitution will be followed unless superseded by the FCAA by-laws


Head coaches in all sports must be certified employees of the member school system (per FCS policies). Community coaches may be used in assistant coaching roles where allowed by their school system, but may not be used as head coaches. Retired educators may be used as coaches.


A high school varsity coach in a sport may spend up to one full practice (two hour limit) per week maximum with their respective association team in that sport. The two hour period may be divided throughout the week as appropriate, but may not exceed the two hour limit.


Student teachers may be used to assist during the time they are assigned to the school.


Beginning August 2012, all sports shall adhere to the GHSA calendar for starting dates. These dates will be handed out at the May meeting of each year.


Coach Ejections from games: All ejections must be reported the day of incident to the Executive Director. First violation shall be suspension for next scheduled game. Second violation shall be suspension from the next two scheduled games.

The executive committee shall reserve the right to make judgments in the event of extenuating circumstances.


ALL Bookkeepers for all sports shall be a high school student or adult.


VIII.  Procedure for reporting violations


Any complaint of a possible violation should be made in writing to the Executive Director.      Any complaint or report of a rules violation must have both the signature of the Principal of the school and the Coach that initiated the complaint. Principals may report their respective school in writing to the Executive Director if they feel they unknowingly or knowingly violated the Association by-laws. This would also be the basis for an investigation. The Executive Director will bring the information to the Executive Committee to hear and rule on the complaint as soon as possible. If needed, an additional committee will be appointed by the Executive Director.  This additional committee will hear the complaint and make a decision.


Members of the additional committee to hear the complaint will be selected by the Executive Director. Personnel of the school(s) involved in the complaint may not serve on the additional committee. The committee will consist of three(3) members: two administrators, and one athletic director/coach, and will be randomly selected by the Executive Director.


The Executive Director will submit to all member schools a report of the possible violation. The report will also contain the membership of the hearing committee, as well as date, time, and location of the hearing. If the school of the Executive Director is involved in the complaint, a central office employee (Dr. Glenn White) of Floyd County Schools will chair the hearing.


The committee will hear the complaint and make a ruling based on evidence presented. The Executive Director will inform each school involved in the complaint of the decision of the committee. The committee will impose any one or combination of the following possible penalties:


  • Letter of reprimand to the school

  • Forfeiture of games/contests

  • Fine (minimum $25  maximum$100)

  • Loss of eligibility for the season or games for player(s)

  • Probation and/or suspension from the Association


Any fines assessed to member schools will be sent to the Executive Director for deposit. The Executive Director shall submit an annual financial statement to member schools. The Executive Director shall have the authority to expend the funds based on the decision of the majority of the Association member schools.


A member may request a hearing before the entire Association to appeal any decision given by the committee hearing a case. This request must be made in writing to the Executive Director who will schedule the meeting and inform each member of its location, date, and time. The Association member schools will have the authority to overturn the committee’s decision by majority vote or uphold the decision.


Admission Prices


Football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and soccer will charge:

Adults-$4, Students-$3


All other sports will charge:

Adults--$3, Students--$2


Championship Tournaments and Area Meets

Adults-$5, Students--$4


Charging admission to all other sports is optional.

If a FCAA school host a tournament involving other FCAA schools, the admission prices will stand.


Member schools’ teacher/employee I.D. badges will be honored for admission during all middle school contests including playoff contests. These ID Badges only get the person with the badge into the events.  G.H.S.A. passes will be honored at all times. Host schools for tournament/playoffs should allow administrators, scorekeepers, videographers admission at the gate. Names of these persons, maximum of 8, will be submitted along with the team roster, scorekeepers, etc. to the host school prior to the tournament/playoff game. Any/ All employee badges will admit that person only for any FCAA event of participation. The Executive Director will give out five executive passes to each school. Executive passes will admit that person and one other to all events.



IX.  Schedules


Schedules for football and basketball will be made for two years within the Association. Home and away dates will alternate each year to corresponding dates. Admission of new member schools may require a new schedule to be developed. Track, tennis, wrestling, and cross-country schedules will be made on an annual basis.

Each school should submit a copy of their master schedule to the Executive Director,  and to the Officials’ Association (when applicable) prior to the beginning of that season.


X.  Practice


  1. Fall Sports: practice/tryouts may begin on or after the first day of school, but not prior to August 1. Member schools who are not on a “modified school calendar” may elect to begin practice prior to the first day of school, as long as they do not begin practice prior to August 1.

  2. Winter Sports: practice/tryouts may begin on the first school day following the completion of the football playoffs.

  3. Spring Sports: practice/tryouts may begin on the first school day following the completion of the basketball playoffs.


Practice times are to be consistent with state standards. All extra-curricular activities held prior to a school day must conclude no more than four hours after the conclusion of the school day as per state standards. This standard also applies to games or contests held on a day prior to a school day.


No team practice may be held prior to the specified starting date.


Jamboree/Pre-season games – A team may participate in play of no more than two (2) complete halves. Both halves must be within the same day and must have officials present. This will apply to all seasonal sports.


Make up days due to weather.  A scheduled “make-up” day may be implemented into the schedule, or it will be understood that the make-up game will take place on the FIRST AVAILABLE DATE following the cancelled event.  Available date is one that occurs with good weather.  Schools should try and work out this date as best as possible.  However, if a decision can not be reached, the executive committee and/or the director will make the decision for the schools.



XV.  Uniforms


Uniforms should be of a contrasting color. When the uniforms of two teams are similar in color as to not provide a contrast, the home team in football will wear their dark jerseys. In basketball, home teams should wear their light(white) jerseys. Communication prior to the contest should eliminate any confusion when opposing teams share the same school colors.



Contact Coaches per Sport in the Association (please do NOT use anything about the below sports unless you receive the information directly from the contact coach or from the Executive Director:

Cross Country--Jonathan Silver, Pepperell

Volleyball--Chris Eberhart, Darlington

Football--Joey Shiflett, Pepperell

Basketball--Kayla Evans, Model

Wrestling--Randy Smith, Darlington

Soccer--Randy Smith, Darlington

Track--Brandon Parker, Pepperell

Tennis--Rebecca Crymes, Pepperell