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Philosophy of Education

My goal as a teacher is to be a positive influence on my student's lives.  I want to be successful in all areas of education.  I have many beliefs that involve the teacher and teaching, the learner and learning, and the curriculum.  The teacher, parents, and students should all work together to make the classroom a place where learning is fun and successful.  

The nature of the teacher and teaching is a major element in the overall success of a classroom.  I believe as a teacher it is my responsibility to treat all my students equally.  One student is not any better than any other and does not deserve preferential treatment.  The teacher should maintain a positive attitude toward teaching, the students, administrators, co-workers, and anyone else she will be in contact with throughout the school day.  A teacher should always be knowledgeable in the subject matter that is to be presented to the students.  Subject matter knowledge is the key to being successful in the classroom.  A teacher should always be prepared for the questions students may ask.  By being prepared, a teacher will be able to better convey the information to students.  I believe a teachers should always maintain organization and structure inside the classroom.  When a classroom is well structured the students understand what is to follow an will be less apprehensive.  The calmness a structured classroom presents gives the students a sense of ease that will promote learning.  Organization is also important to a well structured classroom.  Organization ensures the teacher is not searching for the the last piece that makes a lesson possible because of clutter.  Organization and structure also provide the students with the knowledge that the teacher is well prepared and cared deeply about their education.  The best interest of the student should always be maintained because that is the reason the teacher decided to become an educator.

The second element in a classroom is the nature of the learner and learning.  The learner should be comfortable in the learning environment so the learner will concentrate on the subject matter.  The learner should also enjoy the learning experience.  When the learner enjoys the learning experience the learner will retain more information.  I believe the learning experience should be hands-on so the learner has an active part of each lesson.  Each learner has a different learning style.  Three learning styles are visual, audible, and hands-on learners.  I believe in active participation by the student rather than having the teacher be a "sage on a stage."  The learner should also be at ease with the teacher so the learning experience is pleasant.

The third element of a classroom is the nature of the curriculum and program.  The curriculum is a key element of a successful classroom.  The curriculum is very important to educators because it provides a basis for instruction.  Due to the fact each student has a different learning style curriculum delivery methods should vary to meet the needs of all students.  Content should be age appropriate and also interesting in order to the keep the attention of the learner.  If the content is not age appropriate students will not retain the information due to lack of understanding.  Content review is also important to me as an educator.  I believe before tests it is important to review material that has been covered.  A good review not only prepares the learner for the test, but also refreshes the learner's memory.

The elements of the teacher, learner, and curriculum are very important to the education process. These elements are also important to me as an educator.  The element of the teacher is extremely important to me because I have always dreamed of being a teacher and leading the youth of Cedartown toward the achievement of their goals.  My goal has always been to give my students the best learning environment and experiences as possible. My intentions are to always create a relationship with my students that encourages learning.  The reason I decided to become an educator was for my future students.  The curriculum  provides the framework of instructions for me as a teacher to follow and to guide me as I create lessons for my classroom.  The students in today's classrooms are tomorrow's future.  I hope that by being a positive force in my student's lives I can help to create a wonderful future.