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Classroom Rules

Business and Computer Science

Computer Lab Rules and Classroom Procedures

Computer Lab Rules

  • There will be no open or unopened food or drink allowed in the computer lab at any time. Any food or drink seen by the teacher will be placed in the trash. EXCEPTION: water in its original container.
  • Obscene, profane or vulgar language, hitting someone, mocking someone, destroying property, cheating and bad manners WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ANY TIME.
  • Students may not play any type of computer games during class without permission from teacher.
  • Only electronic devices used for class will be allowed to be visible during class time.
  • Students may not alter, remove, and/or mistreat any of the technology equipment in the classroom.

Classroom Procedures

Entering the classroom:

  • Students will quietly enter the classroom, sit in assigned seat, and log into Ms. Dover’s online classroom entering the classroom - then begin the warm up assignment.
  • Students will place belongings, including book bags and purses, underneath their workstations and out of the aisles, at all times. Only class-related items should be on top of the workstation.

During Class:

  • Students will upload assignments to Ms. Dover’s Online Classroom when complete.
  • Students are responsible for missed assignments.
  • Students should save their work in their own folder on the hard drive.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom for any reason during the first and last 10 minutes of class.
  • Students who need to leave the classroom for any reason must write their location of where they are going, the current time on the class sign out sheet.  They should take a hall pass with them and return the pass when they get back to the room. 
  • Students will remain seated at all times unless given permission to be out of seat.
  • Students will raise hand when he or she needs assistance and wait for teacher to come to them.

End of Class

  • Students will log off the computer prior to leaving.
  • Students will pick up trash around workstation and put in trash can on the way out the door.
  • Students will push in chairs prior to leaving.

Internet Privileges

Using the Internet in the classroom is a privilege. At anytime, this privilege may be taken away if it is misused.

Students should not. . .

  1. use any type of chat room, instant messaging or message board;
  2. get on personal email; social media.
  3. play games
  4. constantly be on a site that does not relate to what we are doing;
  5. misuse or not take care of your computer equipment
  6. override security settings or hack the computer in other ways..