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Fun throwing and catching games to play

Working with bean bags may help a child improve many different skills. However, the bean bags are especially helpful when a child is learning how to throw and catch.

Using a bag instead of a ball is advantageous because:

1. a bean bag is usually smaller and softer than a ball; consequently a child has less fear of being hurt.

2. catching and throwing a bean bag helps a child develop the skill of grasp and release.

3. a bean bag will help a child develop the hand strength required for handling a ball.

Activities: 1. The child tosses a bean bag upward into the air and then he catches it before it hits the floor. The height of the toss should increase as the child’s skill improves. The child may use: a) two hands. b) one hand and then the other hand.

2. The child tosses the bean bag from one hand to the other. The height of the toss and the distance between hands should increase as the child’s skill improves.

3. The child tosses the bean bag in a designated direction; then he runs and catches it before it hits the floor.

4. Throwing at a Target. Keeping his “eye on the target,” the child throws bean bags: a) into the spaces of a ladder. He may attempt to throw the bean bag into the first space, then into the second space, etc. b) at a taped target on the wall. c) at a rolling tire or ball. d) into the center of a tire. The tire may be: 1) lying on the floor. 2) leaning against a wall. 3) placed in a horizontal position on the seat of a chair. If more than one tire is used, the child may indicate at which tire he is aiming.

This is a fun game for the older students to play

Game “Elimination”

Explain rules:

  • “Okay, now we are going to play a fun game where we will practice our throwing and catching skills. This game is a modified dodge ball game.
  • There are no teams.
  • The point of the game is to hit as many people as you can with the ball and avoid being hit.
  • You cannot hit someone in the head; doing so will result in having to sit out.
  • If you get hit by the ball, you are out and have to take a seat right there on the floor until the person that got you out is hit out.
  • After the first game is played, the previous rule will be modified to: if you get out,wait for the person who got you out to get hit, or perform seven push-ups to get you back into the game.
  • If you catch a ball that is thrown at you, the thrower is out.
  • The boundaries are the entire gym”