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Classroom Kickoff activities



Monday, 15 Aug. Write your name ten times in cursive. Review your letters for proper formation. Categorize (WotW) your errors into big and little or any set of categories you may choose.

Tuesday, 16 Aug.  How many phone numbers do you know? Having them stored in your phone is the same as "knowing" them. What is the class average?

Wed., 17 Aug. Check your notebooks? Quiz tomorrow. Did you take any notes over our tennis ball, M&M and phone number activities that may be valuable on the quiz? Check with those around you, did THEY take notes that you may find valuable?

Thurs., 18 Aug

Friday, 19 Aug OAWG. Generate words from given letters. Looking for patterns to increase word count without actually thinking of complete new words.

Monday, 22 Aug COMPARE (WotW)  Compare our calculation efforts for the tennis ball exercise versus either the M&M exercise of the Pennyvs Quarter exercise. Be sure to list some similarities AND some differences. Showbie input please.

Tuesday, 23 Aug. Let's try it again. Take your two favorite foods. Compare and contrast THEM. Showbie again and let's be sure to get three similarities AND three differences.

Wed., 24 Aug. A little internet research. Let's find the definition of the word "ted". Your task is to find it in three different places and list those places on a piece of paper. Easy? So we'll add that in your group of desks nobody can have ANY of the same sites listed. You may put your group's listings on one piece of paper if you choose.

Thurs., 25 Aug. What is the unit price of apples using the info from problem #6 on yesterday's worksheet and assuming that each apple weight 12 ozs (US units)?


Friday, 26 Aug.What tires are on the vehicle you drive the most? Are they stock? If not, what ARE the stock (the ones that come with a vehicle when it is new) tires for your vehicle?


Monday, 29 Aug. The word of the week is create. Sometimes we create from our imaginations. Using your favorite activity create a short story about the next time you will do that activity and how you will do it to get the most fun. SHOWBIE is available but not required, if you want to do it on paper you may.

Tuesday 30 Aug. You have a Thing-a-muh-jig attached to a Wha-cha-ma-call-it. In 4-6 sentences on SHOWBIE create a use for this tool and tell me how and where you would use it.

Wednesday, 31 Aug. State YOUR definition of "outcomes" on Showbie.

Friday, 2 Sept. On Showbie, in 4-6 sentences tell me about the one thing you would create/invent if you had unlimited $$$ and time. Why would you invent it and where would you use it first?

Tuesday, 6 Sept. The word of the week is ILLUSTRATE. Imagine we have a new student from a country whose educational resources are limited and she has never seen a world globe. Illustrate a globe for our new student.

Wednesday, 7 Sept.

Through the 12 paned window we wanted to flirt with Ribbon. Of course we would do this only if Ribbon was not  dead or we were not going steady with another person.

Thursday, 8 Sept. On Showbie, illustrate with words and examples one of the PROBABILITY DATA Models you handed in yesterday.

Friday, 9 Sept. On the note card provided give me your FARKLS "stopping value" if you have only two dice left to roll. Will you stop at 250? 300? 350? or will you roll for better and keep going knowing that you have a low probability of success/high probability of Farkling!!

Monday, 12 Sept. On Showbie: Classify all of the classes you have taken here at CHS

Tuesday, 13 Sept. On Showbie: Classify the students in this classroom into exactly four groups. Tell me the names of each group and how many students you put into each group. 

Wed. 21 Sept. Guest speaker and discussion of their message.

Thursday, 22 Sept. OAWG 4

Using the indicated words in the following sentence, make as many new English words as you can:

When we were told to stream the Air Tasking Order (ATO) over the internet ASAP, we had to prod the nine people working on it to get it done FAST. 

Fri. 23 Sept.

Go to ScienceNews.org. Go to the 9 July edition and read the article on Gravity Waves (Atoms and Cosmos). On showbie tell me what "30-35 solar masses" means in relation to the size of earth. 

Monday 26 Sept.

In small groups analyze your favorite classes at CHS.

Wed., 28 Sept. On Showbie analyze (WotW) you current job. If you are not working in society your job is your school work.

Thurs: OAWG

Using the indicated words make as many new words as you can.

When we went west to the zoo on the eves of Halloween and Christmas, none of us had any fears of the cloth our jeans were made of.

Friday, 30 Sept. Discuss how you can play faster to insure you complete a game in one class period.

Monday, 3 Oct.On Showbie arrange your five favorite Male singers in alphabetical order.

Tuesday, 4 Oct. Watch the short video and either answer the question, "Which might be the hardest for you to adopt in your next presentation?" or arrange the ten tips in order of which YOU consider most important to the least improtant.


Let's put the answer on Showbie and don't forget to tell me why you chose the one or why you put first the one you chose to put there.

Wed. 5 Oct. Think of FIVE adjectives to describe our US Military. Arrange them in the order that YOU feel is most descriptive. Put your response on Showbie and know that only you and I will see your response. 


Friday, 7 Oct. Our Special OAWG.

Today you have the entire alphabet........yes, every single letter........ONCE.

Easy, right? So to make it a little more challenging you have to have words in sets of 5 (ten or 15's count too) that have at least three letters in a row the same and plurals do NOT count as part of your three letters. e.g. writing the five words:

cams, tams, bams, lams and gams would not work. Yes you have three in a row the same but the "s" does not count as one of your letters in the pattern. You MAY add the "s" to get extra words but the "s" cannot count as part of your pattern if it makes a word or set of words plural.  

Good: Late, mate, later, mated, mates, mater, hate, hates, hated, skate, etc., etc. (as long as your lists' total words are a multiple of five.)

NOT Good (for the __ate pattern): relate, rebate, matter, splat, that, hats, etc., etc. 

We'll talk more as we go through this exercise.

Monday 17 Oct.

This week's phrase is "cause and effect".

Take your game and come up with a situation where "cause and effect" apply.

Showbie please.


Tuesday, 18 Oct. Find a "Presentation Tips" video on the internet. Watch it and be prepared to discuss your video with the class.

Wednesday, 19 Oct. Put your name and the answers on an index card and hand it to me.

Familiar with the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? If the entire song was sung, how many bottles were "take one down, pass it around,..."? Easy right? NOW let's assume that each verse starts with a new set of bottles. Again, if the whole song is sung, how many bottles were ON the wall?


20 Oct. OAWG VII

Using the indicated words make as many English, non-capitalized, non-hyphenated words as you can. To score at ALL you must have at least five patterns of three or more letters with five words in each pattern. e.g. town, crown, brown, flown, clownYour sentence is:

When the feds throw the one big seed for us to feed on, we few have to

catch it before we get totally stoked for some fun watching a moon of

Jupiter called Io.

2 November.


Watch the following video on Election data.


Be prepared to discuss it in class.


Friday, 11 Nov., 2016 On Showbie, in three sentences, tell me what Veterans Day means to you.


On Showbie, tell me how many Earth like planets we have found so far and tell me one thing that distinguishes them as "Earth-like".


Tuesday, 15 Nov. After yesterdays work we should have a good idea about the distance of a light-year. If the earth is 26,000 miles around how many times would light travel around the earth, assuming we could set up the mirrors to reflect it properly, in one year? Let's put the answer on Showbie.