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Classroom Kickoff activities

Tuesday, 9 Aug. WoW! How do you define "define"? Small group discussion and be prepared for a general class discussion.

Wed., 10 Aug. In your notebooks write a short definition (define) of the process of factoring polynomials.

Thurs., 11 Aug. In your notebook describe which is your favorite terms from yesterdays vocabulary review of polynomial terms. Be sure to say why you picked the term as your favorite.

Monday, 15 Aug. Write your name in cursive ten times. Review your writing and examine your errors. Categorize (WotW) you errors into big and little as well as any other categories you  may choose.

Tuesday, 16 Aug. How many phone numbers do you know? Having them in your phone IS considered knowing them. What is the class average?

Wed 17 Aug.

Check your notebook for good notes. It is quiz day. Confer with those around you, do they have notes that may help YOU?

Thursday 18 Aug.

Friday, 19 Aug. OAWG ONE. Make words from the given letters and/or find the "Magic Phrase".


Monday, 22 Aug. Compare (WotW) factoring trimonials that have leading coefficients of one and those that have simething other than one. Be sure to give some similarities and some differences. Which is easier for you and why? Showbie input please.

Tuesday, 23 Aug. Completely factor 24m2 - 22m - 50 (in your notebook is fine)

Wed., 24 Aug Build two tables. For the first table make the left column "s" and the right column "s2".  S in the left column should be the values 1-20.

For the second table make the left column "m" and the right column "m3" M in the left column should be the values 1-10.

Keep this in  your notebook. It WILL be vaulable for tests and quizzes.


Thursday, 25 Aug. Fully factor 125r3 - 1


Friday, 26 Aug. Think of all the vocabulary we have used the last three weeks. Make a list of 8-10 terms/phrases and put it on Showbie. Then share at  your table and see how many your group can come up with (on paper). Hightest table wins a prize so DO NOT share cross table.

Monday, 29 Aug. The word of the week is create. Sometimes we create from our imaginations. Using your favorite activity create a short story about the next time you will do that activity and how you will do that activity to enjoy it the most. SHOWBIE is available but not required.

Tuesday, 30 Aug.Today is study guide day. Pick your weakest topic of this unit and name it with a SHOWBIE response.

Wed., 31 Aug. Test day. On Showbie write what you would consider the SIMPLEST trinomial factoring problem. 


Friday, 2 Sept. On Showbie, in 4-6 sentences tell me about the one thing you would create/invent if you had unlimited $$$ and time. Why would you invent it and where would you use it first?

Tuesday, 6 Sept. The word of the week is ILLUSTRATE. Imagine we have a new student from a country whose educational resources are limited and she has never seen a world globe. Illustrate a globe for our new student.

Wed., 7 Sept. Using the designated words, make as many new English words as you can. The usual rules apply.

Because we railed at the stores only placing a dram of rum on the quay for each of us, they were willing to cede more rum or face a noose for hanging.

Thursday, 8 Sept. TAKE ONE, complete it and hand it in.

Fri., 9 Sept. Each person individually, using the notecard provided, write a test question that requires others to solve a quadratic equation. Provide the answer and show the work needed. (don't forget to put your name and your class period on the card also)

Monday, 12 Sept. On Showbie: Classify the ways we know how to factor polynomials.

Tuesday, 13 Sept. On Showbie: Classify the students in this classroom into exactly four groups. Tell me the names of each group and how many students you put into each group. 

Wed., 21 Sept.

Using the designated words from these two sentences make as many English words as you can.

If there were riots the plan was that I would fly over the mire. So when I hurt my spine I had to play my sax instead.

Thurs. and Fri., 22/23 Sept we will do Near Pod Quizzes.

Wed., 28 Sept. In small groups analyze your favorite CHS class. Be prepared to discuss your analysis with the class.

Thurs: OAWG 5

Using the indicated words make as many new words as you can.

When we went west to the zoo on the eves of Halloween and Christmas, none of us had any fears of the cloth our majeans were made of.

On Showbie, arrange our methods to factor in order of your favorites. In two or three sentences tell me why you put them in the order you chose.


Tuesday, 4 Oct. OAWG 6. Using the designated words/letters make as many new words as you can.

The clock went tic tock. As the call went out for blood, the runt of the gnat litter blew on the wheat roll to cool it off as she was under the intense stare of her mother.


Friday, 7 Oct. Our Special OAWG.

Today you have the entire alphabet........yes, every single letter........ONCE.

Easy, right? So to make it a little more challenging you have to have words in sets of 5 (ten or 15's count too) that have at least three letters in a row the same and plurals do NOT count as part of your three letters. e.g. writing the five words:

cams, tams, bams, lams and gams would not work. Yes you have three in a row the same but the "s" does not count as one of your letters in the pattern. You MAY add the "s" to get extra words but the "s" cannot count as part of your pattern if it makes a word or set of words plural.  

Good: Late, mate, later, mated, mates, mater, hate, hates, hated, skate, etc., etc. (as long as your lists' total words are a multiple of five.)

NOT Good (for the __ate pattern): relate, rebate, matter, splat, that, hats, etc., etc. 

We'll talk more as we go through this exercise.

Wednesday, 19 Oct. Put your name and the answers on an index card and hand it to me.

Familiar with the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? If the entire song was sung, how many bottles were "take one down, pass it around,..."? Easy right? NOW let's assume that each verse starts with a new set of bottles. Again, if the whole song is sung, how many bottles were ON the wall?


20 Oct. OAWG VII

Using the indicated words make as many English, non-capitalized, non-hyphenated words as you can. To score at ALL you must have at least five patterns of three or more letters with five words in each pattern. 

e.g. town, crown, brown, flown, clown

Your sentence is:

When the feds throw the one big seed for us to feed on, we few have to

catch it before we get totally stoked for some

fun watching a moon of Jupiter called Io.


Monday 14 Nov.

Distinguish between our methods of factoring and explain how or when you would use different processes. Let's put it on Showbie.

Tuesday, 15 Nov.

We can now reduce and multiply radicals comfortably.  On the notecard provided generate a test question using both of those skills. Use no notes or outside resources.....come up with this yourself and it can NOT a multiple choice question.  Be sure to show the solution and your work to get to the solution. We will take a few extra minutes to do this as it IS part of our review for the test tomorrow.

MONDAY, 28 Nov. Watch this video and Hypothesize on what might be the hardest thing about adding radicals.


Tuesday, 29 Nov. OAWG 11. Words on the Smart Board.