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Cedartown Middle School
Instructor: Ryan Evans
Course: Introduction to Public Safety
Room: 110
School Telephone Number (770) 684-5432
Voice Mail 1110/email ryan.evans@polk.k12.ga.us

Course Description:    
Introduction to Public Safety is the foundational course for all Public Safety pathways. This course will enable students to receive initial exposure to the many Public Safety careers as well as employability, communication, and interpersonal relations in the Public Safety field. The concepts of verbal judo, booking procedures, handcuffing procedures, courtroom procedures, providing testimony, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities of today’s police officer. Fundamental skills needed by all members in public safety will include combat first aide and CPR.  This course will provide students with an incite on the positives and negatives within the Public Safety career field.

Course Requirements:    One test per standard
                                           Performance of skills relevant to each standard
                                           Exhibit employability skills
                                           Work ethics appropriate to a career class

                                           Maintaining a current event journal 


Topics Covered:               Employability
                                           Verbal Judo
                                           1st Aide
                                           Arrest Teams
                                           Crime Scene Investigation
                                           Evidence Collection
                                           Military Occupations
Materials Needed:            iPad
                                          Pen, pencil and paper
                                          Spiral Notebook

Grading Policy:                Labs: 50%
                                          Tests: 20%
                                          Employability Skills: 20%
                                          Final Exam: 10%

Class Policies/Rules:    All policies of the Polk School District Board of Education and student handbook will be enforced.

Make-up Work Policy: For each grading period, makeup work must be completed no later than two weeks after the student has returned to school. Students may not make up work outside of the grading period window once the time has passed.

 Re-Test Policy: Any student can retest any test regardless of the grade on the test provided that the student attends tutoring as directed by the teacher. The student must retest within two weeks of the grade being returned. The higher of the two grades will be recorded.

Late Assignment Policy:    Students are expected to turn in all completed assignments at the time scheduled by the teacher.  Any assignment turned in late will result in a ten point deduction per day late in the grade.

Homework Policy:    Students are required to complete homework and turn in the completed assignments when requested.  Failure to turn in homework will result in a 10 point deduction per day late in the grade.