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General Horticulture / Nursery and Landscaping Kick-off:  

1. Name 2 common cool-season turfgrasses that grow in Georgia.  

2.  What do you call a grass stem that spreads horizontally just above the soil surface? a. rhizome  b. stolon  c. bulb   d.  surface root  

3.  Scattering annual ryegrass seed over an existing bermuda-grass lawn would be an example of ______________.

4.  Describe the leaf tip of a Kentucky bluegrass blade.  

5. What kind of venation does Tall Fescue have?  Rolled or Folded?

6.  What do you call the region in the United States where both cool season and warm season grasses can be grown?  

7.  Of the following choices, which turfgrass species provides the most dense and weed-free lawn?  a. Tall fescue  b. creeping red fescue  c. Zoysia  d. ryegrass

8.  Describe what a ligule of a warm seaon grass looks like.

9.  What is the difference between sodding and seeding a lawn? 

10.  Once you have finished, submit your work.  The first person to finish and stand up in their chair and say "I believe in the future of agriculture" will win a prize.

Forestry and Basic Ag. Kick-off:  

1.  Draw a stick figure diagram that shows how you determine the height of a tree using a clinometer.