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Course Syllabus

Course:                      MUSC 1101
                       Music Appreciation

                                   Credit hours - 3           Contact Hours - 45

             Term/CRN:               WINTER 2016

Instructor:                 Tom McGarity - Bachelors of Science in Music Education.
                                                           -Masters of Science in Music Education.

Telephone:                770-748-0490 ext 247 office

                                    770-856-1270 cell


 Email:                       tmcgarity@gntc.edu          or          tmcgarity@polk.k12.ga.us

Remind:                     Sign up for free remind service for this class by texting:

                                              @gntcm     to   81010


Office Hours:            By appointment

Textbook:                  Music: An Appreciation, Kamien, Roger, 8th brief Edition;

                                    Copyright: 2015, ISBN: 978-0-07-783731-0                                  

Class Meets:             MTWRF   January 20, 2016  through March 11, 2016     

                                   Class will not meet February 15 2016, President's Day Holiday



Explores the analysis of well-known works of musicians, their compositions, and the relationship                                      to their time periods. An introduction to locating, acquiring, and documenting informational                                                resources lays the foundation for research to include the creative and critical process, the themes                                    of music, the formal elements of composition, and the placing of music in the historical context.                                        Topics include historical and cultural development represented in musical arts.

Competencies and Objectives:




              Identify selected musical compositions






              Describe the significance of the musical arts in the thought and technology of

              the historical-cultural periods.



Instructional Strategies:    

Biographical study of musicians, identification of music styles and time periods through lecture, listening and interactive engagement.




Attendance Policy and Additional Course Requirements: 


The Attendance Policy outlined in the Polk School District Handbook will be adhered to.  Students  will be allowed to make up work for excused absences.  It is the student's responsibilty to arrange a time with the instructor within three days after returning to school in order to make up any missed assignments.





Resources, References, and Supplies:  


http://www.mhhe.com/kamien8e - companion website for interactive activities, practice study questions, and quizzes. Listening will mainly be through www.youtube.com or McGraw Hill mp3s.





Evaluations - the student's grade will be determined as follows:
(Refer to the Student Guide for this course for specific course requirements and assignments.)       


Tests (60%): There will be seven tests during the semester. The tests will be mostly multiple choice but may also include fill-in-the-blank(s), matching, short-answer, and listing. The tests are based on the material covered since the last exam; therefore, the last test will not be comprehensive. Listening Journals (15%): Students will be required to listen to assigned compositions and will be tested on their knowledge of the characteristics of those compositions based on possible time period, possible composer, etc. Group and Individual Projects (15%): An individual and/or group project will be assigned throughout the course of the semester. Daily (10%): A daily (or weekly) grade will be given based on participation in class and other in-class assignments. If you are not present for class, then your grade for that class meeting will be zero.



Georgia Northwestern Technical College uses the following system of grade assignment:


          A = 90% to 100%          D = 60% to 69%

          B = 80% to 89%            F = 59% and below

          C = 70% to 79%



A grade of "C" or better is required in a prerequisite course before a student can move to the next level of instruction. A minimum of 'C' (2.0 GPA) is required for graduation.






Additional Information


General Class Policies:

  1. If any problems arise during the semester, if you are unable to attend class, or if you need any clarification on anything, please feel free to talk with me.
  2. Please be respectful. Please refrain from inappropriate cell/mobile phone and media device usage.  Technology is encouraged as long as it is for academic purposes.  Students will be dismissed from class for any violation of this policy.








Academic Misconduct Procedure:


Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to each of the following acts when performed in any type of academic or academically-related matter, exercise, or activity. 
   Cheating: Using or providing others with unauthorized materials, information, study aids, or computer-related information.
   Plagiarism: The presenting of words, data, works, ideas, computer programs, or output of another as one's own work.
   Fabrication: Presenting as genuine any invented or falsified citation or material.
See Student Handbook for a more detailed description of academic misconduct.






Withdrawing from Class:



Students who find that they need to withdraw from this course must contact the Office of Student Affairs and complete the proper paperwork. Please refer to the GNTC catalog for more information on withdrawing from a class or the college.









Should you have a question regarding your progress in this course or a grade that you receive, please make an appointment with the instructor to discuss your progress.

The faculty at Georgia Northwestern Technical College reserves the right to determine a student’s fitness to continue in a training program. Failure to follow specific training instructions or to perform the practical aspects in a training program may result in a grade of zero and/or dismissal from school.
















Students Needing Accommodations:



Students with disabilities are entitled to appropriate and reasonable auxiliary aids and accommodations through The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  It is the student's responsibility to notify Disability Services as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

For more information or to request academic accommodations, please contact:
For Floyd, Gordon and Polk County Campuses: Sheila Parker, Disability Services Coordinator, Office Building B Room 115, 706-295-6517, sparker@gntc.edu
For Walker County Campus: Michael Walters, Disability Services Coordinator, Office Building 200 Room 209, 706-764-3799, mwalters@gntc.edu
For Whitfield Murray Campus: Kevan Watkins, Instructor of Psychology and Disability Services Coordinator, Office Main Building Room 619A, 706-272-2958, kwatkins@gntc.edu

Report complaints concerning discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, age or religion to:
Sonya Richards, Special Populations Coordinator, Title VI and Title IX Coordinator, Floyd County Campus, Building I, Room 105, 706.295.6932, srichards@gntc.edu





Warranty Statement:



Georgia Northwestern Technical College, through TCSG, guarantees that its graduates have demonstrated proficiency in those competencies defined in its approved state curriculum standards. Should any student within two years of graduation not be able to perform one or more of the competencies contained in the industry-validated standard, the college agrees to provide specific retraining to the student at no cost to the employer or graduate for tuition or instructional fees. This guarantee applies to any graduate of the college who is employed in the field of his or her training. To inquire or file a claim under this warranty, please call the Office of Academic Affairs.






Tobacco Policy

In the interest of better promoting the health of our staff and students, Georgia Northwestern Technical College campuses is a tobacco-free environment.  Smoking and use of other tobacco products (e.g., smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes) will not be permitted on any college campus to include, but not limited to, campus buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, building entrances and common areas, and in college-owned vehicles.



*NOTE - Dropping courses may adversely affect your financial aid for the current or future semesters, possibly including, but not limited to, returning funds to the College. We recommend that you discuss your status with your financial aid counselor prior to making your decision on whether or not to drop a course.