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Keyboarding Club

Keyboarding Club

We now have a new Keyboarding Club at CMS. Students will learn the basics and importance of of learning proper keyboarding techniques. These are some of the free online web resources that we will use to encourage students to practice their keyboarding skills in a fun and entertaining way. We will reward students who improve their speed and accuracy with approved websites when they reach their goals. This club will prepare students for high school competitions such as those noted in FBLA.


Dance Mat Typing

Typing Games


More Typing Games

Even More Typing Games



Alpha Munchies Typing Game

Alpha Munchies is a keyboarding activity for elementary students. The Alpha Critters are hungry for your food! Quickly type the letters before the Alpha Critters land and start munching! Start off with the homerow or select the typing level that work for you!

Keyboarding Sites for Kids

Fun Touch Type
Krazy Keys
Turtle Diary Typing Games
Pac-Man Typing Game

Typing Tidepool


In addition to online keyboarding practice, we will incorporate some fun-filled competitive games. Some examples are listed below.

Fun Activities for Teaching Keyboarding

Row Races: Divide students into teams of 4-5 people. Using sentences in a book or the lesson

pages that go with each KeyWords lesson , assign a row or paragraph to each person. When the

teacher says "go" the person from each team that picked Line 1 begins typing. The people who

picked Line 2 are not allowed to start until they receive a "high five" from the Line 1 typist that

he or she is finished. This goes on until they all have typed a line. Then the team that gets

through the alloted lines the fastest, wins.

Type that Tune: Bring a Christmas CD or just turn on the radio. They are to type as much of the

song they can as it is being sung. This, obviously, is pretty hard to do, but they mostly all get the

chorus. If you use a CD with a song on it, you can restart it several times so they can get more of

the song.

Switch hands: Have students cross their left and right hands over each other and try to type

sentences in the book. They realize this is very awkward, and then it seems the regular way isn't

so bad after all.

Story Marathon: Using the AlphaSmart Hub, download a story starter into a file on each unit.

Students are to continue the story for about two minutes. When time is up, they have to switch

AlphaSmarts and read the story started by their classmate (give them about a minute to read the

preceding paragraph or two) and then I time again for two minutes. We continue this several

times. Then, have the students return the AlphaSmart to the original owner, complete the story,

and proofread for errors. They love to read a few of these out loud. It is also fun to do this with

thematic music. When the music is turned off, they switch chairs. I have a Halloween CD that

has “Monster Mash”, “The Munsters theme song”, etc. on it so it is really a great activity on

Halloween party day!

Duets: Have each student choose a partner and sit next to him or her (or even share a chair if

they prefer). One person is the right hand the other is the left and they have to type sentences in a

book together. This is a great drill to get them to type with a sense of rhythm. At first they will

want to call the letters out loud to help tell each other where they are in the word. After a few

times, tell them they have to do it silently and watch them start tapping their feet or bobbing their


ABC’s – In AlphaWord, you can go directly to the Typing Timer (cmd FIND). Have the

students type the ABC’s as fast as they can. Continue practicing this to see how much they can

improve on their time. For variations, have them start at different places in the alphabet and

‘come back’ to the original point – for example, tell them to start at M and then they would type

MNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKL. Another variation is to start at Z and type it


Baseball - This activity is for speed development. The class is divided into two teams and each

team selects a name. Students are timed for one minute on a selected line or sentence. They are

to key the line as many times as they can during the timing. Each line is equal to one base; four

bases (lines) equal a run. Scoring: Each team counts the number of lines each team member

completes during the timing, and records the “run” on the board. For example: if a team gets ten

total bases (lines), it scores two runs and has a runner on second for the start of the next inning.

The number of innings is based on the amount of time available.

*Compliments of http://www.irvingisd.net/alphasmart/documents/activities_teaching_keyboarding.pdf