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Social Studies Common Core Games


Click on the Common Core Games icon below.

Click on the various links listed below under the social
studies categories to practice your skills. Have Fun!!!!!




The Seven Continents

Continents of the World

Continents & Oceans-1

Continents & Oceans-2

Continents & Oceans-3

Emblems & Symbols of the US States

Emblems & Symbols of Georgia

Social Studies for Kids-The Making of Georgia

Your Neighborhood

Spot the Sign

United States Puzzle

Field Trip

e-Word Game

Globe Rider


Symbols of America

Symbols of US Government

Abraham Lincoln Jigsaw Puzzle

Washington Monument Jigsaw Puzzle

Reflecting Pool & Washington Monument Jigsaw Puzzle

Lincoln Memorial Jigsaw Puzzle

The White House Jigsaw Puzzle

The Capitol Jigsaw Puzzle


American Historical Figures

Ben Franklin

Ben's Guide to Government

Ben Franklin’s Famous Sayings


Garden of Praise-Slideshow 

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Facts

Garden of Praise-Slideshow 

Garden of Praise Facts-Jefferson

The Declaration of Independence
Tour Monticello and the Grounds 

Jefferson's Home Monticello Jigsaw Puzzle

Word Search

Social Studies for Kids-Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Lewis & Clark

Coloring Pages

Historic Trail


Go West

Lewis & Clark-American Explorers

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis & Clark Overview of Expedition

Movie Photo Gallery

Scholastic Lewis and Clark

Social Studies for Kids-Lewis & Clark

Garden of Praise-Lewis

Garden of Praise-Slideshow



Sacagawea-Guide for Lewis and Clark

Social Studies for Kids-Sacagawea

Harriet Tubman

Hariet Tubman & The Underground Railroad

Time for Kids   

National Geographic

Garden of Praise-Tubman

Garden of Praise-Slideshow

Power Points 

Following the Footsteps 

Social Studies for Kids-Tubman-1

Social Studies for Kids-Tubman-2

Kids Konnect-Tubman

Theodore Roosevelt

A Presidential Unit

Story of the Teddy Bear

Garden of Praise-Roosevelt

Garden of Praise-Slideshow

Photo Biography

Social Studies for Kids-Roosevelt

George Washington Carver

Social studies for Kids-Carver

Garden of Praise-Carver

Garden of Praise-Slideshow


American Folktales

John Henry

The Story

John Henry Facts

John Henry

Songs and Music  

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Story of Johnny Appleseed

About Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed Junior Ecology Club

Hidden Pictures

Garden of Praise-Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett

Social Studies for Kids-Crockett

Story of Davy Crockett


Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan Trail 

Paul Bunyan

Annie Oakley

Garden of Praise-Slideshow






America the Beautiful


Lyrics with Pictures


Presidents Day



Goods and Services

Supply and Demand

Wants and Needs


Scarcity and Choices

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