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Pottery Room Number 415                                         2015-2016                                                      Ms. Kristain Waddle, Instructor                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                School Telephone Number (770) 684-5432 Voice Mail 7417                  kwaddle@polk.k12.ga.us                                                 


Course Description: Pottery is an introductory to advanced class in the methods and materials involved in the art of pottery making.  Students will receive instruction in the history of pottery and its functional and aesthetic roles in society.  Basic tools, terminology and types of clay bodies will be discussed.  Students will be taught project design, clay preparation, and basic hand-building techniques.  Students will also receive an introduction to kiln firing, glazing and wheel throwing.


Texts:  Experience Clay         Also, reading and study materials will be provided by the instructor.


Course Requirements:  Regular attendance, classroom studio participation, art projects, brief written assignments including vocabulary, and tests on techniques and artistic periods in history, academic critiques of artworks, an academic biography written about a visual artist, unit tests, and a final written exam.  ** Note:   Schedule is tentative and could change due to inclement weather, assemblies or other factors which affect the school calendar. Too, the rate of student mastery and/or need for reteaching may alter the schedule.


Materials Needed:   Drawing pencils, erasers, sketchbook, notebook or folder, colored pencils, ruler.   Students will need to bring all materials to class every day.  Students may bring in other Art Supplies if they need them for individual assignments.


Grading Policy:   Daily Grades, Sketchbook, Reviews, and Georgia Best: 20%, Studio Art Projects, Tests, Portfolios, and Research: 60%, Final Exam: 20% 


Make-up Work Policy: For each grading period, makeup work must be completed no later than two weeks after progress reports are issued. Students may not make up work outside of the grading period window once the time has passed. 

It is the student's responsibility to get with the teacher to find out what work was missed.


Class Policies/Rules:    1. Do your best all day every day.  2. Be on time and prepared to learn.

3.  Follow directions and all class room procedures.   4. Be on task, work quietly, and stay in your seat.

5.  Respect yourself, other students, the teachers and their property.  6.  Be responsible for your words and actions.

 All policies of the Polk School District Board of Education and student handbook will be enforced.


Homework Policy: Students are to complete homework assignments each day and be prepared to turn in completed assignments when requested. Failure to turn in homework assignments will result in to after school detention at each occurrence. Parents will be telephoned after the second failure to turn in homework assignments. After the fourth failure, students will be referred to the administrative staff for discipline.


Late Assignments: Students are expected to turn all completed assignments in at the time scheduled by the teacher. Any project or composition turned in late will result in a ten-point deduction per day late in the grade.


Retest PolicyAny student can retest any chapter test regardless of the grade on the test provided that the student attends tutoring as directed by the teacher.  The student must retest within two weeks of the grade being returned.  The higher of the two grades will be recorded.  This excludes benchmark assessments, final exams, standardized tests (such as EOCT, Milestones, EOPA, AP Exams, etc.), and major projects and research that required an exorbitant amount of time in and outside the classroom (ie: research paper).


Exam Exemption: Exam exemption policies must be approved by the superintendent each school year.  Any and all exemption policies do not apply to EOCTs, AP exams, or any other PSD mandated examinations.   


Extra Credit Policy: Bonus/extra credit questions are usually included on all major tests. All major compositions provide students with the opportunity to earn bonus points. Other opportunities are available upon request by the student when that students’ average warrants it.



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