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Fun Floor Hockey Facts

DID YOU KNOW the following facts about field hockey?


  • In outdoor field hockey there are eleven players on the field, 10 players plus a goalkeeper, much like soccer
  • In indoor field hockey there are 5 players on the field (court), 4 players plus a goal keeper
  • Players can be substituted as many times and at any time, including when the ball is in play
  • All field hockey sticks are right handed
  • Referee is called an Umpire – and there are usually two on the field/court
  • Players can use only the flat side of their stick – but can use most of the flat side, not just the hooked area, as long as the ball does not touch their hands
  • When you block somebody from getting to the ball, whether intentional or not, it is a foul – called OBSTRUCTION
  • If the ball goes in the net from outside of the 16 yard semi-circle around the goal, the goal does not count
  • There is no “off-side” rule
  • There are 3 main ways to hit the ball according to the rules:

 Sweep hit – get down low and sweep your stick along the ground

Push pass – push the ball to a teammate

Drive – a powerful hit designed to drive the ball, with speed and power, down the field  (outdoor only)

  • “Modern Day” field hockey was first played in Scotland in the 1700s
  • Field Hockey was originally called Shinty
  • Outdoor field hockey can be played on grass, multi-sport turf, or water based turf
  • To be considered as an International recognized match a game must be played on FIH approved turf
  • There is at present ONE water based turf in Ontario – in Brampton at Cassie Campbell Community Centre
  • There are TWO more water-based turfs under construction at the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto – and they are part of the infrastructure for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games
  • Field hockey sends more athletes to college proportionately than any other sport
  • At the 2012 London Olympics, field hockey was the 3rd most spectated sport
  • Men’s field hockey has the fastest swing speed of any sport, including golf and baseball
  • Field hockey is known as HOCKEY everywhere but North America
  • Players travel more than 5 miles during the course of a field hockey match
  • Field hockey is the national sport of Holland
  • The British helped spread field hockey throughout the British Empire, which explains it’s popularity in India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand
  • Field hockey is one of the oldest competitive sports which is recorded way back in Ancient Greek Olympic Games
  • Field hockey is played by men and women in over 100 countries on 5 continents by over 3,000,000 people around the world
  • In outdoor field hockey there are two 35 minute halves
  • The winning men’s and women’s teams in the 2015 PanAm Games will qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Field hockey used to be a contact sport
  • Field hockey is a highly technical sport
  • There are three different ways to score – field goal, penalty corner, penalty stroke
  • The National Outdoor teams are comprised predominantly of athletes from BC where field hockey is introduced in middle schools
  • The National Indoor teams are comprised predominantly of athletes from Ontario
  • A generation ago, before BC built more water based turfs and before the introduction of field hockey in schools, there was a more equal representation of Ontario athletes, versus  BC athletes on the National team
  • Field hockey is among the 3 most popular sports in the world along with soccer and cricket