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Polygons & Important Vocabulary

Polygons - a flat, 2 dimensional figure made up of line segments called sides. A polygon can have any number of sides, as long as it has at least 3 sides.
* The sides of a polygon are connected end to end and make one closed path.
* The sides of a polygon do not cross.

Important Vocabulary
* Regular Polygon - all sides have the same lenght and all the angles inside the figure are the same size
Irregular Polygon - sides have different lenghts and angles are not the same size
Rhombus - has 4 sides, 2 set of parallelograms -  lines are the same lenght, usually not right angles
Parallelogram - a quadangle that has two pairs of parallel sides
Trapezoid - have exactly 1 pair of parallel sides. The 4 sides of a trapezoid can all have different lenghts.
*Rectangle - 4 sides, 2 sets of parallel lines, 4 right angles, opposite sides are equal lenghts
*Quadrilateral - 4 sided polygon, 4 angles, 2 sets of parallel lines
Trapezoid - 4 sides, 1 set of parallel lines
Square- a rectangel with 4 equal sides
Triangle - a figure with 3 sides and 3 angles; If one angle is a right angle then its called a Right Triangle

*Line Of Symmetry - A figure that can be folded along a line so that the two halves match exactly

Tri - 3
Quad - 4
Penta - 5
Hexa - 6
Hepta - 7
Octa - 8
Nona - 9
Deca - 10
Dodeca - 12



                                                    Names Of Triangles




                                             Names of Polygons