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Weight Lifting   

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This year we are very fortunate that we are offering weight training for 7th and 8th graders.  The weight training classes are helping students learn the importance of weight training.  We also hope this promotes a positive lifestyle in our students and encourages them to exercise.  


  • Weight Training Program:
    The focus of our weight program to build strength and muscle by not over training.  Muscles need time to rebuild and recoup from their previous workout.  We are going to focus on two muscle groups a day and train those muscles hard.  

    Monday - (Chest and Shoulders) 
    Flat Bench 3 x 10
    Incline Bench 3 x 10
    Chest Flies with dumbbells or dumbbell bench

    Lat Pulldowns 3 x 10
    Upright Rows 3 x 10
    Front Raises 3 x 10

    Tuesday - (Back and Cardio with some ab work)
    Bent over rows 3 x 10
    Reverse Flies 3 x 10
    Seated Low Rows 3 x 10

    Wednesday - (Biceps and Triceps)
    Curl Bar 3 x 10
    Straight Bar Curls 3 x 10
    Cable or Dumbbell Curls 3 x 10

    Tricep Skull Crushers 3 x 10
    Tricep Cable Pushdown 3 x 10
    Close Grip Bench 3 x 10

    Thursday - (Legs)
    Squats 3 x 10
    Power Cleans 3 x 10 (emphasis on form and then a front squat) Try to avoid          lifting to heavy until the form is proven to be correct  
    Front Squats 3 x 10 depends if we are doing cleans.  Girls normally only do the front squats and not the cleans.
    Lunges 3 x 10
    Calf Raises 3 x 10
    Leg Curls 3 x 10
    Leg Extensions 3 x 10
    Option to change some exercises they can do Leg Press Machine

    Friday - Is Speed day with some cardio and abs
    Throughout the week we alter certain lifts and try to target their cardio and really hit our core.  We feel the core is an area that will help all athletes and students gain balance and strength throughout their lifts.  






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