Information about the Gifted Program

How are students referred for Gifted testing?

Students are automatically referred for testing if they achieve 90th percentile or higher on the MAP Growth test in either math or reading. Students are also automatically referred if they score Level 4 or higher on the Georgia Milestones assessment in either math or reading. A student can also be referred for consideration by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents/guardians, peers, self, or others with knowledge of student’s academic abilities.  

What happens next?

Once a student is referred and parental consent is obtained, he/she begins testing in the areas of mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. Testing typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete, depending on the age of the child. Younger students typically require more visits because they test in shorter increments. Keep in mind that students will miss class time in order to be tested for the Gifted program.


If a child is determined to be eligible for gifted services, he/she will be served in the gifted resource classroom (PEP) one day per week. Students miss one full day of their core content classes to attend PEP class. If the child is determined to be ineligible, testing results are filed and he/she can be retested two years later.