Search Engines for Kids

Below are different search engines that kids can use. Click on the picture to go to the website.



Kiddle is a web search engine and online encyclopedia emphasizing safety for young children. Kiddle is powered by Google Custom Search and employs SafeSearch, with additional filters. The user enters topics in the search toolbar, and Kiddle returns and ranks its findings, with its first three results being suitable for children to read as well as of an easy reading level.



kids search engines

KidRex is a custom Google search engine for kids. The interface is just like a child’s crayon drawing (the dinosaur stands guard). It uses SafeSearch and tries to keep all the results as antiseptic as possible. KidRex also has its own database of inappropriate websites and keywords which further help to keep the results clean.



Dib, Dab, Doo and Dilly!Dib, Dab, Doo and Dolly too... A smarter way to search the Internet

Dib Bad Doo and Dilly too...
If any name shouts out that it’s a search engine for kids, then this is it. The search engine is again based on Google Custom Search and it tries to keep the content as children friendly as possible.Custom search helps to keep out a lot of unsavory links, but it is definitely not foolproof. Most of the search engines for kids also display ads with some undesirable ones sneaking in. Parental control software in combination with these search engines can help to keep children shielded from the bad side of the web. It is a tough battle but parents can worry a little less. These ten search engines for kids are just the search tools for some unattended browsing around an unsafe web.