6th grade Video Tutors

1st 6 Weeks (Ratios and Proportions)

 Ratios and Proportions (Write Ratio 3 ways, Writing Equal Ratios, Finding a Unit Rate)

Variables and Expressions

2nd 6-7 Weeks (Numbers and Operations)

Division of Fractions (Common Core Standard)

Dividing Decimals with Whole Numbers

Dividing Decimals with Decimals

(All Four Operations using Decimals is a Common Core Standard -see below)

Other Important Decimal Operations -

Adding Decimals

Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying Decimals

4th 6 Weeks (Surface Area, Nets, Scale Drawing, Area, Perimeter, and Volume)

Identifying Nets

Find Surface Area

Surface Area using a Formula

Surface Area Using Similar Solids

Area, Perimeter, Volume

Volume of Figures (Investigation 1)

5th 6 Weeks (Data Analysis)


Box and Whisker

Stem and Leaf Plot

Making a Line Plot

Making a Histogram

Find the Mean

Find the median

Find the mode

Find the range