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Rockmart Middle School

Professional Biography

Hello, My name is Ryan Shepard. I am very excited to begin the school year as a member of the faculty and staff at Rockmart Middle School. I spent the first 7 years of my career teaching social studies and am very proud to be serving the school, teachers, students, and community as an Assistant Principal at Rockmart Middle School. As Assistant Principal, I look forward to working alongside our community members, teachers, and students to achieve great heights and discover new concepts. I look forward to all of the new and exciting things I will see as our students transition into new skills and develop the qualities needed to become part of a productive and successful citizenry.


Educational History

2003 - Rockmart High School

2009 - Kennesaw State University - B.S. History Education

2012 - Nova Southeastern University - M.A. Curriculum and Instruction

2016 - Nova Southeastern University - Ed.S. Educational Leadership


Philosophy of Education

Education is a cornerstone of our society. The process of acquiring new knowledge and applying that knowledge to new applications has led to the realization of countless goals and advancements throughout history. It has become a staple of mankind to seek out knowledge and information with for the purpose of using the power found within to create a better life for self and others. Since the beginning of time, education has driven us through attempts to better ourselves and our surroundings. Throughout 21st century classrooms, it is still that concept that drives our teaching. We, educators, are community builders; communities built upon continuous improvement and based on the proposition that we can and will make a difference.

Educators have the unique and remarkable ability to make impacts on the decision makers of the future, our students. We all have a vested interest in teaching others to develop the skills necessary to receive, breakdown, and analyze new information, to problem solve, to invent and apply new technologies to existing and future problems. We as educators, as mentors ushering these future leaders, must assist students in realizing their goals and link those goals across communities. We must be dedicated to student learning and well-being. We must understand our role in the community and in the achievement of the greater good. Throughout my career, I have sought to do just that. I have approached every encounter, whether it be a student, parent, colleague, or supervisor with the goal of building positive relationships that further the goal of education and promotion of the general welfare.

21st-century communities are demanding and challenging. Industries are utilizing new technologies. More than ever, the world is at our fingertips. Learners in this age must not only possess the skills necessary to meet and surpass the demands of industries but also to understand the values and morals that drive communities. The capabilities of our society afford endless opportunities for our students. To be truly successful in education, we must teach our students the skills necessary to be productive members of society, to be both knowledgeable of the concepts that drive various fields and to be responsible with the power found in that knowledge. The lessons of the past have very much shaped our present but it is the innovation of the present that determines our future.


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