COVID-19 Updates/Distance Learning

To receive constant updates and reminders for our class during this time, sign up for the correct REMIND. Feel free to message me through REMIND with questions, or send an email to:

Remind Codes:

  • 10th Lit: @ware10t
  • 9th Lit: @ware9th

Classroom Updates:

- You are required to complete packet for Days 1-15

-Take this time to pull up your grade! If you want to know how to improve your grade--get in contact with me! We can work something out to get you where you want to be. Use your time wisely!

-Packet Pickups (if you DO NOT have internet access, you can pick up 2nd packet at these times):

  • 9th GRADE: Wednesday 11-1 & 4-6
  • 11th & 12th GRADE: Thursday 11-1 & 4-6
  • 10th GRADE: Friday 11-1 & 4-6

-REMEMBER, if you have any questions about your packet/work, get in contact with your teacher for that content area! We're happy to help!

Quick Links:

-COVID-19 Updates (from BOE and CDC)

-OdysseyWare/Credit Recovery


-Access to other packets

-Breakfast/Lunch Info

-Info for Students with IEPS

-RHS Facebook Page

-RHS Twitter: @rockmart_high