Three for Fore: Drills to help your forehand

By Mark Dalzell, senior tennis coach at IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy
Here are a few drills to help you hit your forehand deeper, faster and with pinpoint accuracy.
1. Inside-Out Forehand: To hit a great inside-out forehand, you need to get into position quickly. The reverse crossover step demonstrated here is a must-learn move.
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.
2. Change of Direction: Changing the direction of an incoming ball is one of the most difficult things to do on a tennis court. If your opponent hits the ball crosscourt, you have to set your feet and drive the ball with a lot of spin if you want to hit it down the line. Remember to swing low to high to give yourself a lot of margin for error.
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.
3. Down-the-Line Forehand: A short ball gives you an ideal chance to hit a winner or force a shot down the line. The key is to move inside the baseline and take the ball early and high in your strike zone. This is a flatter, riskier shot, but with practice you can master it.
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration.