PE Activities

PE Activities

1. Keepers, Belt Monsters, and Tails- Running Belt Game.

2. Capture The Flag - Second through Fifth Grade - Belt Game Played Outside - Running Activity.

3. Angle Ball - Second Grade through Fifth Grade.

4. Speed Ball (&/or Ultimate Speed Ball)

5. "Sits & Bones/Stretches" - Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade Students.

6. Warm-Up Dances/Movements - Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade Students.

7. Jogging/Walking Activities - Age appropriate Activities (Plus Skipping, Hopping, Etc.).

8. Clean Your Room - Kindergarten and First Grade Activity - Throwing and Catching.

9. Cleanies & Messes - Kindergarten and First Grade Activity Using Cones - Running Activity.

10. Basketball - Fundamental Skills that lead to the game of Basketball. 

     A) Kindergarten and First Grade focus will be on Dribbling and Ball Control.

     B) Second through Fifth Grade focus will be on basketball centers (Individual and Partner Passing, Dribbling Around Cones &

          ball handling.

          Skills, Jump shot & Lay-Ups, & Free Throw Shooting.

11. Foursquare/Table Square/"Hoola Hooping"/Jumping Rope

12. Beanie Baby Rescue - Kindergarten and First Grade Activity.

      A) Ultimate Beanie Baby Rescue - Second through Fifth Grade Activity.

13. FITNESSGRAM Testing - Please See Pages On The Left Hand Side For More Information.

14. Production Practices During Activity Class - See Mr. Altman's Online Classroom For More Information.

15. Olympic Practices - Second through Fifth Grade Students Will Practice Their Events For Field Day/Cherokee Olympics. 

16. Dance - All students will participate in dance and movement (Warm Up or during class/Individually or with a partner).

17. Frisbee Activities

18. Scooter Activities

19. Volleyball

20. Tennis