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Physical Education will provide the opportunity to engage in physical activity to improve one's fitness level. Introduction to new games, teamwork, and skill building activities will allow students to reach a level of success along with enjoyment.

"Attitude is Everything"

  • Physical Fitness

    Essential Question

    Are you "physically fit"?

    What role are you taking in becoming "physically fit"?

    Are you "physically fit" based on the FITNESSGRAM STANDARDS?


  • PE Standard 4

    PE Standard 4

    Achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of fitness.

  • Team and Individual Games

    Essential Question

    "Do you know the correct technique and rules to be successful in competitive play?"

    "What strategies are used to help in team play?"

    "When moving around the gym or field......Who's responsible for your body space?



  • Athletic Shoes

    The PE Department requires that each student wear some type of athletic shoes that will provide support during activity.

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