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The physical education classroom combines many components to assist students in becoming active and healthy individuals. Provided below is a short description of some of the components used in the Westside Physical Education class:

Active Participation for Students
Are physically active for most of the class.
Be an enjoyable experience.
Promote physical activity outside of school.
Feature cooperative, as well as competitive games.

Skill Development
Learn self-management skills, such as goal setting and self-monitoring.
Actively learn cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation in physical activity.
Emphasize knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity.
Help adolescents make a transition to a physically active adult life.
Develop self-confidence.

Assess students on their progress in reaching goals, not on whether they achieve an absolute standard.
Provide different activity choices.
Meet the needs of all students, especially those who are athletically gifted.
Based on defined standards.

  • Physical Education RulesPhysical Education Rules
    • Listen
    • Follow directions
    • Freeze when the music stops
    • Take care of equipment
    • Keep your hands to yourself
    • Show good sportsmanship
    • Try your best
    • Respect others
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