Accelerated Reader Resources

Quick AR 360 Tutorial:
1-Go to PSD website
2-Click Staff Resources
3-Click AR360 (all the way at the bottom)
4-Click "I am a Teacher"

   *Your login:  email me if you are new or have forgotten yours from last year
5-Select the function you want (see image below):
   --AR360 Independent Reading (is where you look for quizzes, points, books with tests, etc.)
   --AR360 Assigned Reading (is where you look for informational articles - that the kids can read online)
   --Manage Content (is where you can make quizzes, look up test details)
   --Reading Snapshots (is a report feature that does not show specific student names for sharing w/stakeholders or sharing online)
   --Reports (is where you find reports by student, class, or grade for all AR360 features)
   --Renaissance U (is where you find professional development opportunities for incorporating reading in your classroom)
   **In the upper right-hand corner is:
   ----Home - takes you back to the main dashboard
   ----Help - index of quick help guides (print and video)
   ----Live Chat - allows you to chat with real person about an issue
   ----Your Name - is where:
     -----Edit your Profile (change pic, password, etc)
     -----Manage Apps & User (this is where you find student logins)
     -----Locked Students (unlock students who tried logging in with wrong credentials)
     -----Edit Preferences (change the way your dashboard/display looks/loads)
     -----Customer Center (sales/program upgrades)

Please click HERE to view Accelerated Reader vs AR360 PowerPoint