Media Center Policies & Procedures

CMS Media Center Policies and Procedures:
The CMS Media Center is the information hub of our school.  We house books, videos, computers, and resources for students and teachers to use for their academic and
technology related needs.  Students may access the collection individually, in small groups, or in a whole class setting.  Teachers may utilize resources and equipment within the media center setting or take these resources and equipment to their classrooms.

Students must have a pass in order to visit the media center, unless visiting with their teacher/class.
Teachers may send 1-2 students to the Media Center at anytime with a pass.
ELA Teachers can sign up to bring their classes to the Media Center for bi-monthly book check-out visits.
All teachers can sign up to utilize the computer labs in the Media Center, Media Hall, and 6th Grade utilizing online schedule program link via CMS MC OLC.
All teachers can sign up for media/technology-based lessons and activities (in the Media Center or in their classrooms based on teacher preference).
Media Center is available in the morning (7:30am) and in the afternoon (September-April - until 4:30pm - schedule posted - stuTeachers dent transportation not provided).
Students and faculty are responsible for the items checked out to them.
Students may check out a total of two books for 2 weeks at a time; faculty may check out any items for no specific time required.
Please do not loan items checked out in your name to others.
Late fees/fines are charged 5 cents per book per day (up o $1) that it is overdue (after two weeks).
If a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay the cost of the book or trade a book/books of similar value.
Students who pay for materials (not traded materials) which are later found and returned in good condition willl be given a refund.

Media Center Student Rules:
Respect others
Follow directions
Use time wisely
Speak softly
Handle books/materials/computers/furniture with care
Follow all school-wide rules

Copies needed for research/academic related projects are free of charge.
The Cedartown Middle School and Polk School District abides by all copyright laws.

CMS adheres to PSD Board policies and procedures reguarding the use of comp[uters, devices, and access to the Internet.
Computer/device usage in the CMS Media Center is for academic purposes only.
DO NOT use the CMS Media Center or Computer Lab computers for social networking, personal emails, or games.
DO NOT change the settings, backgrounds, etc. on CMS Media Center or Computer Lab computers.
Media Specialist and/or Media Assistant are available to assit with research/academic related activities/projects.