Reading With Your Child


Below you will find helpful tips on reading with your child.


1) Make sure your child points to each word as he/she reads it. Make it fun by using a special reader stick, such as a popsicle stick your child decorates.

2) Find the title of the book and the cover page. Notice how they are the same. Find the name of the author and illustrator. Have the child write the name of the title, author and illustrator on a sheet of paper.

3) Count the number of sentences in the book. Find the first word of each sentence and write it. Find the punctuation mark. If possible, circle it.

4) Find the sight words your child knows. In the example above, the child may know the words, I and see, or even the number words in the sentence. Have the student write them five times each or illustrate their own sentence with the words they know.

5) If there are rhyming words in the book, find them and list them.

6) Choose a few words throughout the book and count and clap the syllables in the word.

7) Count the number of words in each sentence. Notice that there is white space after each word. If possible, circle each word.

8) Find the beginning letter of some words. Can your child tell you some other words that also begin with that letter sound? List them.

9) Have your child tell you what the story is about.

10) Notice with your child how the picture is the same as the words.

These tips are from an article written by Laurie Patsalides' teaching experience. To view the full article, please click on the link below.