Reading is so important for our students. We hope that you have made reading to and with your children a part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, this year, we will not be doing our reading log or sending home books for you to read with your child. Anything that you read at home will have to be something you already have or something  you purchase or check out on your own. We will be sending home passages for you to help your child with at home. They can read and answer the questions to check for comprehension (did they understand what they read).

Vocabulary Words:

During each novel study, we will send home a list of vocabulary words for you to help your child study. We will include the word, a picture, the definition, and an example of how the word is used in the story. As you study, make sure your child knows each part. When your child is tested on vocabulary- he/she must know the definition; how to apply the definition in a sentence; and an example from the book. The test on vocabulary words is a part of the comprehension test for each novel we read. 


Spelling Words:

Spelling words will be sent home each Monday in your child's agenda. Those words will be listed on the right side of the agenda (for that week). The spelling list will also be in the agenda. We complete practice pages in class that uses the pattern of the spelling words. It would help your child review for the test if you would go over these practice pages at night. Spelling tests will be given every two weeks. Tests will be on Friday and will include 15 words.

Spelling tests will be sent home the following Monday in the agenda. Grades will also be posted on Power School within the week after the test is given.