Google Classroom

To Get To Your Child's Google Classroom:                                     

Class Code for Waits:  72a36vj

Class Code for Coley:  o7qpaze


Click this link to take you to Waits' Reading Google Classroom:

This link is for Coley's Reading Google Classroom:






  • your child must log into his/her school email (found in the front of the agenda)
  • in the upper right hand corner, click on the waffle (nine small dots)
  • click on the classroom icon (with a chalkboard)
  • All Reading assignments are listed under Waits Reading (or Coley Reading if you are a student in Mrs. Coley's class)
  • The stream has announcements for your information
  • The ClassWork tab has assignments
  • My assignments are listed by the day. 
    • Each day you should have to complete:
      • Grammar page
      • Write Brite writing lesson with a video
      • A Nearpod lesson with video of the book we are reading
      • A Nearpod with the actual pages of the book to read on your own or follow along with
      • A Nearpod marked guided reading for our mini lesson that day (some will take longer than one day)
      • A Google Slide with the morning work (you can print and complete these- we go over them in class and send home)
      •  Spelling words and vocabulary words to study
  • At the top of the ClassWork page you will find tools/resources that you may use at any time.