3rd Grade Assessments

3rd Grade Assessments:


  • MAP testing is given 3 times per year [fall, winter, and spring]
  • Students are tested over Reading, Language Arts, and Math
  • Students are given test questions that cover all 3rd grade standards in a testing format.
  • Scores are given to help design practice questions in a skill plan on IXL and Study Island.
  • Test scores give teachers an idea of how to better plan lessons to prepare the students for further testing dates.
  • The Reading portion of the MAP test gives your child a Lexile score- which assists the Reading teacher place the student in a book level appropriate for reading independently and comprehending what is read. This is how library books are assigned to assure students are reading on the correct level. 


       2. Georgia Milestones (this year we have a waiver for no testing of Milestones)

  • Georgia Milestones is a test given once a year to evaluate the students on their knowledge of standards for their grade level. 
  • The students are usually tested in April of that year. 
  • The students have 2 days of Reading/Language Arts, 1 day of Writing, and 2 days of Math in 3rd grade.
  • When test scores are returned to the school, we will share them with our parents.
  • Scores on based on a scale of 1-4
  • Information about how the Georgia Milestones test is scored:
  • Students who performed at a level 3 are considered to be proficient and prepared for the next grade level but may need additional academic support to successfully understand the content that will be covered in the next grade. While level 3 students are prepared for the next grade level, they are not yet on track for college and career readiness.

    Students who scored at a level 4 or 5 are not only proficient but they are also considered to be well-prepared academically. Unlike the students scoring at level 3, these students are considered to be college and career ready.

    Students who scored at a level one or two will likely need academic support to be successful at the next grade level. Scoring at level one or two is an indication that these students have a limited or partial understanding of the content that was taught.