AR (Accelerated Reader) is a program that goes along with our books from the library. The program is designed to check comprehension (understanding) of a book after it has been read. 

Recommendations for AR:

1. Read each night for 20 minutes

2. Ask your child questions throughout and at the end of the book

3. The book must be in your child's Lexile level range. This is determined by the MAP testing done 3 times per year. It is our goal for the Lexile score to increase throughout the year. The book that comes home with your child should be "just right" for them. Not too hard; not too easy.

4. Be ready for at least one test per week. 

5. Keep your score at 85% correct or higher to be rewarded with prizes

6. Praise your child for their excellent effort


AR information is in their folder at school- but can be easily remembered for home. Tests are cut off at 3:00 pm each night so tests may only be taken during school hours. You can help your child prepare for a test at school by reading at night. 


Our 3rd graders are recognized for their achievements when they reach the 25 points club, 50 point club, 75 point club, and 100 point club. They will get recognition during our Renaissance programs and with coupons for shopping at the AR store with Mrs. Gravett. 


AR can be accessed through the website below or by clicking on students from our Polk School District WebPage.