Educational Philosophy:

My Teaching Philosophy:

I strongly believe that EVERY child can and WILL learn if provided the time and tools to do so. Learning should take place in a safe, loving, and challenging environment. It should not be based on a specific program, but through a balanced approach to teaching.  A child's education is the most valuable asset they will have to move forward in their life.

As an educator, my role is to possess a deep understanding of the needs of children and to provide them with the proper tools to be able to navigate this world today. An educator today wears many "hats," but the most crucial is that of a caregiver. I must CARE about the children and every aspect of their lives; realizing that learning is only ONE part of that child's precious early years. Children need structure and high expectations in and out of the classroom. Children must learn problem solving skills, as well as social skills. Parents and teachers MUST be equal partners in this learning process.