Papers and Grades

Daily papers will come home throughout the week. You will see them in your child's book bag. I do NOT need those papers back. Daily papers- that are graded- are counted as daily grades on the report card. Daily grades count as 45% of your child's grade. 

Test papers will NOT come home. I need to keep those for DATA tracking purposes. I will send home the test grades in the agenda. I will write your student's test grades in the agenda for you after test days. You may also look on Power School to keep up with current grades. Tests account for 50% of your child's grade. [Most tests are taken on an online platform so there are not test papers that come home.]

Homework counts as 5% of your child's grade. We will send home spelling and vocabulary words for you to help go over with your child for test days. We will cover this material in class, but ask that you also reinforce the skills at home. We will also send passages for your child to read and answer questions on (to check for comprehension). 


Re-test policy:

Daily grades and spelling can NOT be re-tested or re-done. Before the grades above are given, ample practice is given to ensure your child can understand or learn the material. One re-test per subject, per quarter is allowed for a failed test. The highest grade will be shown on the report card.