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  • This week in Reading:

    We will continue reading our new novel this week: 

    Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo


    We will read chapters 1-4 the week of October 6-9. We will continue with chapters 5-8 during the week of October 13-16. We will review on October 20 and test chapters 1-8 with vocabulary words on Wednesday, October 21. After our test on Wednesday, we will continue reading with chapters 9 and 10. We will introduce the new standard of point of view in these 2 chapters. 

    The words to the book and the read a-louds are located on my Google Classroom. You are encouraged to read the chapter again each night with your child to practice the skills we've gone over in class. 

    These words will be on the test. Your child needs to know the word, what it means, and how to use the word in a sentence. 

    Vocabulary words include:

    produce- fruits and vegetables (noun); to make (verb)

    exception- noun form of except

    recognize- to know who someone is because of your memory (verb)

    orphan- people who are separated from their parents through death

    positive- means sure (adjective)

    applauded- clapped (verb)

    peculiar- means unusual and strange (adjective)

    prideful- full of pride (adjective)


    Test on Chapters 1-8 will be Wednesday, October 21.

  • Spelling Words (2 Weeks):

    Spelling words will be sent home on Tuesday, October 13 in the agenda. These words will be practiced for 2 weeks. These words have the sounds of o (short and long). 

    1. rocket

    2. pocket

    3. hold

    4. told

    5. often

    6. grow

    7. throne

    8. so

    9. sew

    10. most

    11. almost

    12. both

    13. coach

    14. open

    15. also

    Spelling test on October 23. Test includes spelling the 15 words. We will use practice pages during the 2 weeks to practice. You can help at home by going over the words each night. 

  • IXL/Study Island

    IXL Goals This Month(October):


    Work on 3rd grade Language Arts standards 

    Y1, Y2, Y3 prefixes

    JJ.1 types of sentences

    KK1, KK2, KK4 nouns

    LL1, LL2, LL3, LL4 pronouns

    Study Island Goals This Week:

    3rd grade learning path (NWEA)




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