Educational Philosophy

Every year since I began teaching, my strategies, methods, and routines have constantly changed. One thing has remained the same though and that is my philosophy of education. I believe that children need to feel loved, protected and enjoy learning. I believe that a classroom is not boot camp where children need to stay silent and sit still all day. My classroom is constantly changing to fit the needs of my students and I think it should be that way. Teachers should not be robots but life long learners. Never think one way is the only way. What do I love about teaching? There are so many thing. Every day is something new. A new story, a new memory, a new success, even a new failure that can turn into a teaching moment. I love the impact we as educators can make on a student even in the smallest way. My goal daily is to meet their needs. Yes, those standards are vital to our education system but they are not the only part of a classroom. At the elementary level, I feel that is so important to nurture a love of learning. Show children how good it feels to "get it". Show children that even if they dont "get it" that they are still loved and to never give up trying. I see so many students that come to school already defeated. Whether thats from their home life, bullies, or failing in the past. It is our job to build character, confidence and their growing minds. My kids work so much harder for me when they have a little freedom, a little choice, a voice in our classroom, and I wouldnt have it any other way!