What exactly is ERI?

What is ERI?

Early Reading Intervention (ERI) is a support program that serves 50 students within our school who are shown to be struggling and at risk of not reaching or maintaining grade level standards in the area of Reading. ERI provides additional instructional resources to aid students in obtaining the necessary academic skills in order to reach grade level performance in the shortest time possible. In our ERI program, we utilize the online program Lexia Core5, where students work on skills at a level determined though their performance with an online pretest. 

Students that participate in our program work in our room for a 30 minute time period each day, rotating between the teacher (myself), the assistant (Ms. Gabby Glenn), and the online Lexia computer program. This is a very skill specific focus time of learning in each of these 10 minute stations. 

On Fridays, the students only participate with Ms. Glenn and online, as I look back over the data from the week and write very detailed lesson plans for each of the 50 students served, ensuring continuation of work on the very specific skills each needs.


ERI is NOT... Special Education.

ERI services do NOT carry over from year to year. Students are not automatically in the program each year. Participation in the program is based on data collected from a variety of sources.

ERI is NOT a permanent class. Students will exit the program as academic success is reached.

ERI does NOT take the place of regular classroom instruction. It is offered in addition to regular classroom Reading instruction.

ERI teachers do NOT give grades to students. Students remain in classes for content classes and exit for additional support after classroom instruction is provided.