Homework this week: 
Your child's homework folder will come home on Monday. You will do a few minutes of homework each night. 
You will turn in the homework each Friday. Homework is 5% of your child's grade. 
Read the story of the week from the reading book. You can also read a book from home or a library book (which will be sent home in a few weeks). After reading your book, please ask your child questions about the story: who was in the story, where was the story happening, how did the character feel at the beginning/end, what did the character do in the story?
After you finish reading each night, please sign the reading log so we know your child has practiced the story at home. 
Your child should write spelling words each night 3 times to practice spelling that word correctly. You may use any kind of paper to write the words. We will do spelling different ways later for homework. You MUST turn in these pages on Friday in the folder for your child to get credit for doing the spelling.
Each night your child will complete a Math practice page for homework. This page will be practice for the lesson we did in class that day. 
Your child will also have to know the vocabulary words for each chapter in Math. Make a matching game with the vocabulary word cards we send home starting each chapter. During the week, ask your child what each word means. These words will be part of your child's Math test grade.